My Trip To Ireland Day Five: Mollana Farm and King John's Castle in Limerick  

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The morning of the fifth day, we drove out of Co. Cork and headed for Co. Limerick.  Mary and I felt this to be the best day, by a long shot, that we had spent in Ireland so far. The above picture is a photo shopped version of Bunratty Castle that I took through the window of the coach on our way out of town.  Before that, however, we visited Molanna (or Molana?) Farm, owned by the delightful Paddy and Marg Fenton.

It was a misty morning and the reds and greens stood out in sharp relief.

These cows were way upon the hill above the farm.  We had a delightful visit there, complete with a history of the area and the Fenton family, the recitation of poetry and lots of laughs.  I encourage you to visit these two blogs where there are photos of the inside of the house and a copy of the poem.  Go Here  and HERE

A photo-shopped, water-colorized view of the path up the road from the farm.

Every single day, Mary managed to get her dog fix, one way or another.

Mary with Paddy.  The wardrobe coordination was a coincidence.

We left the farm way too soon and headed straight to Limerick town and King John's Castle. This castle was built as a defensive structure and King John (brother to King Richard of Robin Hood fame) never even visited there.  Today it is in ruins but it was once a thriving community as seen in the pics I took (through glass) of the miniature model.  Go  HERE to learn more about the castle and to see a stunning picture of the ruins as seen from the River Shannon.

Mary was thrilled to be going up a tower staircase that dates back to the 1200's.

This is what we saw when we got to the top.  I couldn't help but sing:  "Limerick, you're my lady, your Shannon waters tears of joy that fell .. . "  It all looked so different than I imagined it but I was so happy to see it.

The water color version of the same view.

I look at this picture and all I can think is:  Hey! There's a church and a graveyard that I didn't get to explore!

I guess this is as close as I'm going to get.  Note how all the tombstones face the same direction.

The water color version, because I am *addicted*!

A window from inside the castle.  Could someone please tell me an easy and effective way to do this to my windows?  Pretty please?

A cool looking building.  I would have taken many more but, by this time, I had already used 80% of my camera card space and I was being conservative.  In fact, by the end of my trip, I will probably be posting pics of days 11, 12 and 13 in one post.

Goodbye Limerick!

Next time, we arrive at the Old Ground Hotel, the only one that prompted a spate of photo-taking (LOVED IT!) and dinner at Knappough Castle!

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5 wise, witty and wonderful comments

It's so interesting what you visited and what we did. We did a whole big thing at Bunratty with a medieval dinner and everything. I'd taken medieval clothes to wear there. I wanted to see what it would have been like to climb all those stone steps in a velvet gown.
Turns out it sucked. I nearly fell to my death a few times because all the tower steps are geared to keep enemies from being able to fight there, ie no room to pass on the steep steps, no room for a shield, or to swing a sword on the way up. Heck. They could have just given one big push and the whole attacking force would have ended in a heap at the bottom.
Anywho my veil also wouldn't stay on with the stupid circlet. It looked cool at dinner, though. I got to sit next to the king and queen (our tour coordinator who didn't have a stitch of medieval stuff until I lent her a veil).
They had a little village too. Like yours, it was several buildings brought from other places and different time periods.
We never had enough time to really explore places. If I went back, I'd like that time. Of course I'd rather not drive there. Those people are INSANE.

July 11, 2016 at 3:10 PM

We didn't get to go to Knappogue. I'm guessing it was much the same show as Bunratty, though. How fun that would be to have that job for the summer!

July 11, 2016 at 3:11 PM

You got to go to the cave??? LUCKY!! We went to Pol na Bruin dolmen and I asked the ranger if it was karst limestone (the rock looked like puzzle pieces). He told me yes. So I told him I bet there was a huge cave system under there. You should have seen his face light up when he said yes. Too bad that wasn't on our itinerary. The driver took us to a few other places not on the itinerary.

I didn't get an Ogham necklace, but I got the card that tells you how to read them so I can make my own...:o)

I really wanted information on Lemenagh castle as I'm going to do a medieval warfare novel soon. But I got nothing except a few pictures and the name. It was one of the main reasons I went to Ireland...sigh.

Our day at the Cliffs was absolutely stellar. Not much wind (although too much to play my whistle in) and clear for miles. We mostly ran those paths to get as far as possible in the one freaking hour we had. Mom told me to run on ahead since I was scaring her out of her wits.

July 11, 2016 at 3:25 PM

So sad you had to eat gluten free. The food was fabulous all over Ireland. I made it a point to eat Irish food everywhere (although the black pudding was a hard pass). My sister Janelle wouldn't eat anything but hamburgers and salads and I thought it was so silly. Bangers and mash in a pub in Gallway was absolutely delicious! The music was fabulous also.

One of those flags in the carriage picture is the Blake coat of arms, my sister's people. Lots of pictures there. Plus the doors. Ah the doors! We never got to go into the Gallway cathedral...sigh.

We went to that same marble factory. Too bad almost all the workers were on holiday. We just got to look at the stuff to buy.

July 11, 2016 at 4:02 PM

Man! I just LOVE your house. Trade you. You'd probably do so much to liven up my cottage in the oven...rofl

July 11, 2016 at 4:03 PM

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