The Town of St. Andrews Scotland Where Will (iam Wales) and Kate (Middleton Wales) Met and Attended School  

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St. Andrews is a beautiful place! I am not a golf fan, but even I have always known that it is the cradle of the modern game of golf and that it sports one of the most difficult courses on the planet. In fact, we swept into town just a few days after the Open (did I get that right? Is that what it is called? I am so clueless about these things) in July 2015. I suppose this is what accounted for its listless air, rather like a Christmas tree after the presents have all been opened. However, I was not in the least prepared for the gorgeous views of the coast (even though I DID know that you can see the ocean from the golf course) or the architectural beauty (Duh! Because, Scotland.)

In fact, architectural beauty and the ocean go very well together, indeed. We saw this combination in Scotland over and over again.

When we arrived in town, we headed toward the first visible ruin which happened to be St. Andrews Castle (I think that's what it is called. I had a map emailed to me from a friend that gave all the info I could possibly need and I ran across it in my inbox the other day and deleted it because I thought "Hey, I already blogged about St Andrews", and, in fact, I had, but about the other side of town, and then I was too embarrassed to ask her for it again but she is reading about my foolishness this very moment and all I can say is "Hi Nancy!")

I love taking photos through these old stone windows. Looking at it now, I can see a metal railing which tells me that we probably could have gone inside and climbed up them. (We didn't. In fact, our trips abroad are chock-full of things we didn't do.)

We then headed toward the other part of town (as previously mentioned) and I was smitten with the architecture at every turn.

We passed by the way (causeway? Roadway? I think I am going to go with "path") to the beach and it was so beautiful!

And then we got to the world-famous and widely believed BEST golf course in the WORLD. THE WORLD. And I was like, WHAT? As I have confessed, I know little about golf. In fact, the main of my knowledge was garnered during a summer spent at the miniature golf course where my brother-in-law worked when I was 14. However, I live a few blocks from a golf course and have almost everywhere I have set up a residence, including in Colorado which seemed to me to be the Land of Golf Courses. So, I can say with some authority that golf courses are curvy, at least in parts. (Am I right?) This looked to me like the field at my elementary school. It is most likely no secret that I was not impressed.

This is the St. Andrews bandstand. (I thought you should know that.)

And here we are headed to the burial ground at St Andrews Cathedral.

You can see many more photos of this hauntingly beautiful place in my previous post. (Scroll down or click HERE.) (Your choice.) (Because I am nothing if not generous.)

White on white on white. I can't get enough of it.

The four chimney pots, the sun sparkling on the leaves, the red door--oh my!

I love churches of all shapes and sizes.

And the ocean--blue, white, silver gray or green--it's all beautiful to me!

I loved this building, too. Don't quote me but it might (I said might) be one of the school buildings.

They look a bunch of gray elves all lined up. And the bike-it's rider was nowhere to be found.

Just like Ireland and England, there were far fewer roses than I expected to find. But the flower gardens were still very lovely.

I love mountains that are smudges against the sky. And those clouds! It's like they were painted on.

I really wanted to knock on the door of this house (wait, did I? It was nearly 18 months ago, how should I remember? But I took it's picture, so I know that I loved it and I still do) and see what it was like inside.

Gray and green, gray and green, gray and green, if you say it fast enough, it sounds like gangrene. However, it doesn't look like anything of the sort. To me, it looks heavenly.

A lovely garden along the side of a church. In St Andrews. (Have you already forgotten? Keep up!)

The Russell Hotel. I had to take this photo for my sister who married a Russell, and very rightly so, I might add.

This building, as proclaimed by both the clever flower containers and the plaque on the wall is the Ladies' Golf Union. (I doubt the Mens' Golf Union had such adorable flower planters. I don't remember seeing it, but that is most assuredly why not--no clever planters.)

I think this must have been a restaurant. I just really like the thistle pattern. I first met a purple thistle when living in San Diego. (True story). They tend to pop up here and there in California and are treated like a weed, but they are quite, quite lovely.

Hard to believe any of the shops in town had any stock left after the Open, but here is evidence. Teddy bears galore. (I like the golf cart the best, though. I think it's smashing!)

Another architectural delight in town.

And here is the same delightful building from the coach as we drove away. It was sad to leave St Andrews after 1.5 hours (maybe it was more but it probably wasn't) but we were headed for a real treat--Glamis (pronounced GLAMS) Castle, the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth's (the second's) mum. Lilybet and her sister Margaret spent many a happy hour in the castle and so did we (er, that is to say ONE hour, but it was a happy one to be sure). But that will have to wait until Next Time . . .

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oh my heart belongs there - feels so familar and beautiful

November 23, 2016 at 6:01 PM

Hi Messy Jess--so good to hear from you. Yes, it was a very beautiful seaside town. Hugs!

November 23, 2016 at 6:58 PM

Loved seeing this enchanting place through your eyes. You got some wonderful photographs! It must have been a delight to travel with your daughter. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

November 25, 2016 at 3:36 AM

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