In The Pink Installment #1---MoneyMoneyMoney  

Posted by Heidi

In the pink--it's quite the phrase. Pink, being my favorite color for as long as I can remember and sure to be for as long as I can imagine, is a color that says it all. It's the happy color! For that reason, I have it everywhere in my home (except for the blue bathroom, blue being another color I really love but can't live with as it makes me feel blue, hence it is relegated to the hall bath where I can look at it whenever I like, or have to replace the towels or the toilet paper, whereupon I enjoy it but don't have to stare at it--the toilet and sink being white) (okay, not in the boys room, either, they think it is girlie, and not in my daughter's room, she thinks it is girlie) and garden (where blue is perfectly acceptable as there is plenty of sunshine) including my closet and dresser drawers where many pink clothes reside. As a result, it is the phrase of which I think when I get good news. This time, we are talking about money. I love money, it is so very useful and buys lots of pink (and blue) flowers for my garden and pink clothes to rub elbows with the greens and browns in my drawers and closet. That which has brought this all on is a check written in the amount of the first half of my advance for my novel, Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind. Seeing as I have wanted to be a "published author", as I so often thought of it, for many years, even many decades, receiving a check in any amount is just a deliciously pink treat, like frosting on the cake!

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