Peter and the Tooth Fairy  

Posted by Heidi

Last week, Peter, age 6 1/2 and the baby of the family, lost his first tooth. He hung onto far longer than needful but by the time it actually came out, it was a perfectly painless event (never mind all of the pain he experienced from leaving it in). We put it in a small crystal cut jar a lot like the one that my parents used when I was a kid, filled it with water and waited. Roy, my husband, always put his under his pillow as do most people in the world, but ours was a very exotic tooth fairy and liked her teeth wet and in crystal. When Michael (18) and Mary (13) were small, we didn't have the appropriate little jar but now that we do, we use it and I think the tooth fairy approves because Peter was thrilled with what was left. It is difficult to tell in these photos, but it is a "gold" dollar, one of those new-fangled ones that just came out. Peter had never seen one before and believes it is tooth fairy gold. Shhh! Don't tell him!

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