Surviving the Virus #5--Still Surviving  

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Okay, so I had a typo in the title of my last post. We’ll blame it on the same meds that are making me sleepy, dizzy, nauseas and irritable. This “virus” has taken quite a toll. I have missed a nephew’s baptism, a wedding, hearing my little guy sing in church on mother’s day, mother’s day with my own mother, the spring tea with the kindergarteners at school (I was told my child was quite the ham, singing and dancing it up) and just being part of my kid’s every day lives.

Because of this virus I haven’t been able to sleep, lie down, sit up, laugh, sigh, yawn or sometimes even breathe, without coughing. I haven’t exercised, driven the car, shopped, or even left the house for anything but the doctor in nearly two weeks. Somehow I am gaining weight in spite of eating little, and my sense of humor has deserted me. I have been prescribed five different kinds of medications and I am still sick. The doctor says it could be another three to four weeks until I am fully recovered. So, far, I do a lot of sitting and staring at the wall.

So, I am going to say no more about being sick. I’m heartily sick of the subject. But I’m still sick . . . .

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This is some virus!! Please don't breath on me ;) J/K

May 22, 2008 at 12:42 PM

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