Congratulations to the bride and groom!!  

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Front row, Mom, sister #5, sister #4, sister #2, back row, sister #6, sister #3 (bride's mom) then me (in the pink) far back, Dad and sister #1

On our way back to our cute yellow motel (if you have been to Nauvoo you know just which one I mean), we got a call from sister #3, mother of the bride. She and her family had arrived and were currently at a hotel across the street. We met her at “our” place, chatted, laughed some more and took lots of pictures of each other. Talk about a mutual admiration society! Now, let’s get one thing straight. All of us are skinnier and more beautiful (not to mention younger) than we appear in this picture, but more importantly, the hair of sister #2 is always much fuller and far less straight than it appears in this photo and any others I post from our trip to the Midwest. In fact, it looked pretty good in the photo of airport security in my first post, back before we entered the “damp zone”, so reference that when you wonder why this woman is walking around with straight as a pin, loftless hair. (Sister #2, I hope that takes care of it for you.)

Going from the front counter clock-wise, Mom, me (in the burgundy), sister #2, Dad (in the back in the yellow shirt), sister's #1, #6 and back in front again, sister #4

Here we all our at Grandpa John’s, the wonderful establishment where we ate a yummy breakfast for free as a perk for staying at their hotel. At least, I think it was their hotel. They talked about it as if it were. At any rate, tons of great food, eggs, bacon, sausage, sweet rolls, hash browns, fruit, waffles—none of this hard roll and a glass of juice stuff you get at the big chain hotels. We were to need this extreme nourishment for all the pictures that would be taken of us after the wedding ceremony. I hope the bride and groom ate at least as well since they had to endure much more camera time. Talk about muscle fatigue in the ol’ facial area!

The very happy bride and groom--aren't they beautiful?

The wedding was very special, what with having so much family together in one place and being able to share in the day of a sweet niece who has always lived too far away to facilitate much sharing. It was a privilege to be there, particularly since our great great great great grandparents were sealed in the original Nauvoo temple, built in the 1800's on the very same spot.

What I fondly like to call " The Cinderella Moment"

This picture puts me in mind of that last scene in the Disney Cinderella movie (a favorite of mine since childhood) when Cinderella and her Prince are heading down the steps of the castle after their wedding. Maybe I am too fanciful but that's how I like to think--fancifully. Her dress was so gorgeous, her groom so handsome, her crown so sparkly, her eyes so big and blue, the perfect Cinderella! Congratulations Katie and Mike! More tomorrow about how the sisters of the mother of the bride skipped out on her and turned tourist right after the last snap was shot.

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sounds like you had a wonderful time. i can't wait until i can go away with my mom and sisters and just "be" with them. i forgot that you are a twin! how fun to see you and your sisters. what a family resemblance. can't wait to read more :)

June 10, 2008 at 5:38 PM

Thank you, Hillary! We really did have a total blast--it is the first time we have all gone away somewhere together. There has always been at least one sister missing. We really missed my brother, though, and his wife who is pretty much like a sister to us. She might not like being thrown in with the rest of us, but we like having her around. :)

June 10, 2008 at 7:42 PM

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