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My nephew, Scotty, was married while I was home sick back in May. I tried to get better in time to be there, I really did, but I didn't make it. I was pretty heart-broken about the whole thing and am so grateful to those who took such gorgeous pictures. It is hard to do otherwise with these subjects, right?

Here is my cutie-patootie nephew Scotty with his beautiful bride Annie. What I especially love about this picture are his two brothers, Christopher and Colin, and his cousin Tyler hovering in the background looking mighty envious. A tad disgruntled even. Admiring, at the very least . . Need I add that they are not yet married? They are working on it, however. For those who want to learn more, please avail yourself of my comments section and I will satisfy your curiosity. I promise, they are great guys with awesome genetic material, R.M.'s,very smart college students and straight arrows, all. Scotty and Annie, for one, will be having incredibly gorgeous babies--if you don't believe me, see below.

One reason Scotty makes such a comfortable looking groom is that he had a little dress rehearsal when I got married 22 years ago today. Isn't he dapper in his little white tux? And doesn't my groom look entirely too young to be getting hitched?

Here he is with me this time. He looks a little reluctant to get too close. I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that I had changed his diapers on a fairly regular basis or because he was saving himself for Annie. Either way, probably a good choice. A very smart and up-standing young man and his brothers and cousins are just the same.

This is the part where I need to say a few words about my husband. This is a tough thing to do. How does one attempt wit and humor while being soppy at the same time? I am not sure if I can pull it off. Let's just say that I am very grateful that this guy has hung in there during 22 years of marriage. I appreciate so much his love for me, his confidence in me and the fact that he accepts those parts of me that aren't so lovable. We've all got parts like that but not everybody is so accepting of them as he is of mine. He is a very tolerant and patient person and one of my all-time heroes. I love you, Roy!

For the Tonner doll fans out there: Here is my 16" Dreams Come True Cinderella wearing the Pirates of the Caribbean Abandoned Bride dress. It is modeled after the gown in the movie and is clearly more gorgeous than the gown made for the Cinderella bride; the color of the blonde lace is a perfect match for her hair. The details of this dress are incredible. The doll the dress came on, a really beautiful Kiera Knightley with long corkscrew curls, will be available on eBay next week--see my link to the right.

Here is a full length view of the outfit. The brocade shoes are pretty rocking, too.

Here I am revealing more of my guilty pleasures. I am a bit obsessed with Tonner dolls just now (see the Tonner link to the right). This one shows the Forever Yours Tiny Kitty Collier bride doll. Another truly magnificent outfit with lots of beautiful details.

This raw silk dress is encrusted at the bottom with crystal beads, making it a respectable weight for a ten inch doll outfit. Of course, the newer Tiny Kitty dolls have bendable wrists which is much more elegant and certainly makes it easier to get her dressed. I could easily go bananas on outfits for my Tonner dolls, (well, money is a bit of an impediment, or the lack thereof) so I have limited myself to outfits for the holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween--my anniversary) and have lots of fun dressing them. I didn't play with Barbie dolls to the same extent as some of my sisters. I was busy reading the entire collection of Nancy Drew books. I guess I am making up for it now.
I am so grateful for my family, so grateful for the gospel and the role it plays in all of our lives. Marriage means so much more when it is meant to be forever. I am so happy to see my nieces and nephews finding happiness in marriage and children and pray that all of them will someday do the same. Happy June!

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