Happy 4th of July to One and All!!!!  

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My daughter attended a 4th of July tradition in our area called The Singing Flag. As she left, I handed her my digital camera and admonished her to take a picture or two of the festivities for my blog. And she did, oh my yes, she did, she took tons! When she got home, I eagerly viewed them, and this is what I got . . .

and quite a few pics like this gem . . .

and roughly 176 just like this one--just like it! One hundred and seventy six . . .!

And then I ran across this . . .

Mary and I have not yet reached acceptable terms with regards to
which pictures I can post of her and when, but I am posting this jewel (taken by a friend of hers whilst waiting for said flag to sing) anyway. I think she owes me a good picture, don't you? Happy 4th of July--and be safe!

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