Taking Pictures with Your Feet Can Be Fun  

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Yet again today, when I went to unload pics from my camera (let me stress that this is my camera, my own personal possession not for public use) I found the following pics taken by The Middle Child. Using my camera is not a good idea because 1) it wastes the batteries and heaven knows the landfills are full of old batteries who would really rather be sunning in the Bahamas. 2) It is against the rules. 'Nuff said. And 3) Some of the pictures this gal takes are a bit startling and can be bad for the heart of an old Mom like me. However, this first one isn't too bad--it's almost good in a cheesy Olan Mills/Lifetouch school pics kind of way. Too bad the little guy in the pic didn't have a chance to get a good haircut (i.e. by someone other than Mom) before he went to the portrait studio. Actually, it's eerily like one he had taken when he was six months old . . .

This one following is almost as good--if she hadn't cut off the top of his head and if he had gotten said haircut and if his one eye didn't squint so much when he smiles, and speaking of that smile . . . anyway, this could almost be okay, too. She just might have a future as a child photographer.

Then again, we have this beauty of a shot . . .yes, it's a bit abusive, it could even be illegal, but let's face it, she's getting results. By the way, take a good look at those feet. My daughter has no in-step, just one flat slab of a foot which causes her toes to slide over the front of any sandal--she has to pinch the thong on a flip-flop between her toes so they don't fall off. That and her spatulate thumbs are the two things that mar her potential for near-perfect beauty (and her toes--they scare me).

And lastly, things seem to be getting a little out of hand, here. But, when you can use your toes to eat spaghetti, you become accustomed to making things happen with those appendages at the end of your ankles. He does look a tad reluctant, does he not? A bit scared, perhaps a little frightened? Not so sure of himself . . . I guess having two flat slabs of feet on your face will do that to a person.

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