Things About Which I am Feeling Especially Paranoid  

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Paranoia. It seems it's something I suffer in conjunction with other hormone-triggered sensations. Sometimes I feel way more paranoid than others and sometimes I feel way more paranoid than that.

Already this morning I have been obsessing over:

My car--is it too dirty? Is sending the kids out to hose it down every month (or two) too little? What happened to water conservation? What about the lack of rain-fall in our part of the world this summer, as if rain is something we ever get in the summer around here--the news announcers always refer to "our recent dry weather". It's July! In No Cal! Have there been other summers that rain fell and I didn't notice? That I simply can't recall? It's enough to make a gal paranoid.

My geraniums. I have many because they seem to do okay in our hot summers. Still, they prefer to be watered every other day whereas my other flowers want to be watered every day and sometimes knock on the door pleading for another drink in the middle of the afternoon. Here's the wrench in the works--I prefer not to water them on Sunday because that's my day "off"--right? But I watered them yesterday which means today, Saturday, I should let them go dry. This leaves me with a decision to make; do I water them two days in a row (quelle horreur!) or let them go without two days in a row? Could turn out bad. It's these kinds of decisions that make me just a little paranoid.

Santa Clarita. My sitemeter link tells me the cities of the people who have logged onto my blog. This is an endless source of amusement for me, as well as ennndddlllesssss paranoia. Santa Clarita is a visitor that used to log on two, three, four times a day. Why? I had to know why! I don't know anyone who lives in or near that town--why is this person so interested in my blog? Could it be that she enjoyed my ramblings? Without even being related to me? This was a thought that defied common sense. I started talking to Santa Clarita via my computer screen. "Please leave a comment so I can know what the heck you're thinking!" But then, Santa Clarita stopped her frequent checking of my blog. Santa Clarita, where did you go? What did I do wrong? Is it another blog? Whatever it is, I can fix it!

Paranoia. It's one of my talents.

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Hold your horses. It could be that Santa Clarita loves the idea of cloak and dagger and now that they have been exposed they must pull back into the shadows. (Oh my, I think I feel a new best seller coming on. Use that Paranoia and write another book.) I think all things happen for a reason. We just need to find it. Now in the meantime, relax and eat another one of your favorite chocolates (I find that chocolate distances me from the distressing things of the world.) Close your eyes and relax. Oh did I say one chocolate, I meant two.

July 26, 2008 at 4:43 PM

How about four? Is four okay? maybe that's too much. (tee hee)

July 26, 2008 at 4:48 PM

How do you know the cities they are from? That's very interesting.

July 26, 2008 at 9:38 PM

It's one of the statistics that I get through sitemeter. I don't see email addresses or names but I do get to see google search words which can be pretty funny sometimes.

July 26, 2008 at 9:56 PM

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