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Announcement #1: if you have had trouble logging onto my blog the problem is now fixed. The trouble seems to stem from my sitemeter account, the source of my amusement and paranoia without which I might have to go and read a book or something. I hear Stephenie Meyer has a new one out . . .

Announcement #2: This is a humor blog. Or failing that, it is an entertainment blog. Or failing even that, it is a mildly amusing blog--I hope. Sure my life is filled with what some people might consider tragedy; a multiply disabled son and a husband who suffers from mood disorders while I suffer from fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that involves a lot of pain and fatigue, the combination of which has resulted in a lot of stress, drama and even poverty, at times. In addition, I have a daughter who is showing signs of continuing in the family tradition and to top it off, I just struggled through the kindergarten year with my youngest. Ughh! However, I do not choose to look at my life as tragic nor do I wish, by writing about my trials, to drum up pity or empathy for me or my family. (Besides, there are plenty out there who have much more to feel bad about than I.) I do have deep and intense feelings about the course my life has taken, some negative, most positive and many deep and spiritual ones. This, however, is not the place for those feelings because they just aren't very funny. If what I write doesn't make you laugh, then I have failed indeed.

Announcement #3--A post will follow later today about our grand day in San Francisco and getting to do fun "official author" stuff. Woo hoo!

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