Dear Mr. Austin, I am Writing This to You  

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Dear Mr. Austin (as in David Austin Roses),

This last spring I purchased a rose bush from you. (Well, not you personally, but from your cohorts who run your website.) I realize this bush was not grown under your label but it was offered for sale on your website and was shipped from your "store-house" so I expected the David Austin performance I know and have come to expect. I was particularly excited about this rose bush since your catalog claims that it will grow up to 18 feet long which was just right for the up-across-and-down-the-other-side of my brand new arch which The Spouse and I spent the better of a day painting back in March.

So far, we have not seen this kind of growth from our climbing rose bush. I would say we have only a mere four feet of greenery on this plant. In addition, I would say this is hardly sufficient, wouldn't you? Furthermore, though there has been plenty of opportunity and in spite of the fact that all of this bushs' friends and neighbors have bloomed copiously this summer, not one bud or bloom has shown its face on said climbing rose bush. Not one. All summer.

Now that summer is nearly at a close, I have to admit the possibility that this bush might not perform until next spring. Or summer. Or, possibly, the year after that. Meanwhile, this bush is taking up space in my garden (not to mention along my newly painted arch which took the better part of a day to paint--a day I'm not getting back if you get my meaning) without giving me the satisfaction of a single rose. I water it, feed it, the sun shines down on it, but this bush has given nothing back. I hope I am making myself clear.

Thank you for your time,

The Blogging Rose Lover

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