Lord Haversham is Hot!  

Posted by Heidi

That is to say, Lord Haversham Takes Command is on Amazon's top 100 list of hot new releases in regency romance.  (yay!) However, this story takes place during the first year of Queen Victoria's reign.  No matter how you define "regency", this book is a Victorian era romance.  However, Amazon (now my publisher since they bought out my old publisher, Avalon Books) doesn't have a Victorian category, specifically, which means my book would fall under the general historical category which would be to sink it in the swirling mass of books of many different eras and heat levels.  Thank goodness for saving graces:  since this book is part of my Miss Delacourt series, one firmly rooted in the regency, both as an era and genre (as they are not the same thing--you can write a book set in the regency era and it still might not be a traditional regency romance) it made sense to categorize it as such (or so I'm told).  Either way, it is on a promotional sale today of just $2.99.

You can read about Lord Haversham and the love of his life, Miranda Crenshaw, here

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OMG...Heidi, your books are practically given away for free. Why is Amazon doing that? Are you able to make money at all from your books? I don't think it's fair though, at least not for the newest book though.

June 27, 2013 at 1:18 PM

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