My Trip To Ireland--Day Two Part One--St. Patrick's Cathedral and Trinity College  

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As it turns out, Day Two of my visit to Ireland was the most photo intensive of them all, so I have split the pics up into two days.  (You're welcome.)  I think the above photo of St. Patrick's Cathedral to be amazing considering my camera is a simple point and shoot.  We were very lucky to have such beautiful weather.  It really makes a difference.

Detail of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland.

Note the scaffolding to the far left of this picture.

A view across the lawn at St. Patrick's Cathedral.  The rose bush in the foreground was one of the few I saw in Ireland.  However, I barely missed them, I was so busy having the socks knocked off of me by the hydrangeas.

A few more roses--they look gorgeous against the gray wall.

After St. Pat's, we had a driving tour of Dublin.  Quite a few of the following pictures were taken through the window of a moving bus.  The photo above is of Dublin's City Hall.  There is some kind of netting at the top--it is having work done on it, too.

The flowers were everywhere in the Republic of Ireland--EV. ERY. WHERE.  It was glorious.

Detail of a column inside the Dublin Visitor's Center. 

A statue of Daniel O'Connell, the emancipator of the Catholics, a man much revered in Ireland.  There are O'Connell streets in many cities throughout the country.  (This was taken from the bus which is why I have the back of him.)

Detail of the statue of O'Connell.  His work made it possible for all children to attend school for free.

A very cool building we passed on the way to Trinity College.  It might be part of the campus, I'm not sure.

The above photo is of the Long Room at Trinity College.  It is a totally awe-inspiring room.  People spoke in hushed whispers (including me) a fact that I found to be somewhat amusing.  They are only books, after all. (Did I just say that?)  It was also a very dark room with bright, light filled window which made taking photographs very difficult.

The above photo was lightened in order to see what is there but, when you are in the room, the wood is very dark, rich and lovely.


The above photo shows the Harp of Brian Boru.  It is the subject of one of my favorite Irish ditties;  The harp that once through Tara's halls, the soul of music shed . . .  This harp is about 500 years old.

Ceiling detail of the Long Room.

Door detail of the Long Room--again, it has been lightened in order to see the detail.

Day Two continues next week with photos of Dublin Castle and Kilkenny Castle.

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Love the photos! I am so glad you got to do this trip with your daughter!

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