Chic 'n Shabby Pink and White Romantic Decor For Spring  

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Romancing the home:  I love it!  As soon as the winter holidays are over, I can't wait to return things to my most loved white and pink color palette--with a few additions.  It seems that I am never done.  This chair is my newest piece. 

Paired with my Valentine's Day roses from my husband, it is sweeter than ever.  And if any think he might feel uncomfortable in such a feminine room, no such thing--he enjoys the peace and tranquility.

I found the chair at a thrift store as it was below.  Since it has already been recovered and is separated from its sisters, I had no problem painting it.  If it had been in its original condition, I would not have touched it (nor would I have been able to afford it). 

These are the original carved roses that everyone sighs over.

When a creamy white paint is added, the shape captures the eye. 

It's the glorious curves and angles that make my heart sing.

I covered the chair with a balloon shade valance that I picked up a few weeks earlier at a different thrift store.  When I got it home, I just couldn't find a place to make it work.  Now it graces this chair with a skirt, a ruffled back and a bustle.  Love it!

Once the chair was in place, the magazine rack looked a bit plain, somehow.  So, I painted and added this sirocco shelf (I turned it upside down) that had been hanging around in the garage until I found just the right place for it. 
The more roses and curves the better.  The same goes for chairs.  This one has been around for a while--I sat in it to write most of my books.  It now has a weak leg and has been relegated to a mostly decorative function.  However, it's the box under it that is another new addition.

This chest holds my children's great-grandparents' wedding flatware.  Back in the depression, people couldn't afford sterling silver for their forks and spoons so these are stainless, but they are very pretty and the box is gorgeous.  It was very much scraped up but it has such wonderful detailing that I wanted to bring that out.  White paint does it, every time.

The box in candlelight looks different than it does during the day.

I love how different light lends paint different shades throughout the day and evening.

I suppose that is why I love white paint so much---I LOVE light. This ironstone compote with its cache of porcelain cups glows in the lamplight.

And here they are glowing in sunlight.

So pretty, either way.

White pops against colored walls and brightens the whole room.

Even bits of pale pink pops against so much white. 

This photo was taken last summer when the crepe myrtle trees were blooming.
As well as this one.  I love how the bouquet of roses (a birthday gift from my 12 year old son) glows in the light they are catching.  Since this photo was taken, the framed photos on the wall have a new look.

Remember this photo from this post?

With the help of magnetic paint, it has a new life on that wall in the corner as an image board.  I can cram many more images in one spot and it is fun to change the images with the seasons and my mood.

More roses catching the light streaming through my antique gothic church window, a gift from my daughter.
When you fill your home with reflective surfaces, it's a place where light dwells.
Next time:  Another visit to one of California's loveliest cities.

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