Tis May, Tis May, the Rosy Month of May!  

Posted by Heidi

May, if I had a favorite month, would be it.  Might be it.  I don't know--I'm no good with favorites for most things.  However, it is a month when I refuse to be away from home--I would not want to miss a second of the most generous blush of roses my garden knows all year.

My David Austin Abraham Darby rose bush had, in spite of the drought, the largest cascade of blooms this year--absolutely glorious!

However, the rose I most look forward to in May is my New Dawn.  I'm more than a little obsessed with this perfectly shaped, perfectly scented, perfectly colored pink rose.  (Is it my favorite?  If it bloomed more than six weeks a year, Yes!)  (Probably.)  (I don't know . . .)

There are a few weeks during May that are almost a frenzy of plucking, arranging, displaying and photographing.  (Did I mention the obsessive part of it?)

I must say that, if you are interested in shabby/cottage/chic style décor, you must have a New Dawn rose bush.  Must.

And here is Abraham Darby, another contender for my favorite.  It is a rose that I insist on having, always.  It is so very romantic.  It's a rambler so it dangles--love it!

Another favorite David Austin is Princess Alexandra of Kent.  It provides a wonderful contrast in bouquets.  Of course it looks fabulous on its own, too, though it's most beautiful glowing in the sun.

Here they all are, plus one or two white Iceberg--such sweet faces!

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I love love love the new dawn rose bush! The photos seem almost real! I will have to come back and catch up on all your entries when I have more time.

June 11, 2015 at 4:44 AM

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