Darling Buds of May: Best of My Garden May 2015 Part Duex  

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We are having a drought.  Now that it is June, the long term damage is becoming evident.  Roses like lots of water.  Though I have been able to keep my rose bushes alive by supplementing with gray water, I doubt I will see another sight like this until the drought is over.

I love to repurpose things.  This iron plaque was originally screwed to a metal headboard that I used outside.  It appears in some of my photo essays from a few years ago.  The headboard was no longer practical and so I took the best part of it and put it to work in a different way.  I love the contrast of the pale pink roses against the white iron. 

During the month of May, there were plenty of New Dawn roses.  Not as many as last year but still more than I always knew what to do with.  How I wish I could ration them throughout the year but then they would not be as special, I suppose.  Here they are in different settings.  (My roses are my fashion models.)

The sun shining on roses is one of my favorite things in life. 

These dark pink beauties are by David Austin and called Princess Alexandra of Kent.

These next photos feature both White Iceberg hybrid tea roses and pale pink New Dawns.

We have a new bird in our neighborhood.  His singing is heavenly, chipper and loud enough for me to hear even when I am in the house with the door closed. Perhaps that is why he is a House Finch.

This is year three for my Eden Rose climber.  This is a spectacular rose--mine won't reach its best for another year or so.  However, I was thrilled to get seven roses out of it before its blooming season was over.  Most climbers only bloom once, in the spring.  It was a gorgeous May but I cherish hopes for an even better one next year. 

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