My Favorite Garden Pics from August 2014  

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So. Many. Pictures.  Over 150 taken in August 2015 alone.  I took over 800 in Ireland the month prior and I guess I was just in the photo snapping mood.  However, actually removing them from my camera, going through them, sizing, converting, etc. seemed such a daunting task that they have been sitting on my camera for almost a year.  When I finally buckled down to the task, I was delighted to find some gems hiding there.

This photo is not one of them.  This is just to give you an idea of how this particular window looked--naked and alone--for the nine years we lived here prior to my trip to Eire.  Ireland is a place of many flowers, most of them in baskets and on window ledges in the cities.  It was truly inspiring.  So, I resolved to find a way to make my garden resemble Ireland. 

Initially, it wasn't very exciting, even with the Belleek mug as companion.  However, the sun did shine, the flowers did blossom, and I became a happy Irish Wanna Be.

See what I mean?  It hardly took any effort at all but what a difference it makes in my heart.

I don't even have to go outside to feel like I am still in Ireland.  (I do, however, have to get out of bed and walk into the kitchen.  Life is rough.)

It was rather exciting to unload these pictures to see what I had.  Gals my age don't remember things so well anymore.  I was surprised to find that I had very few of the back yard for this particular month.  This one was about it.  I think perhaps the Double Delight rose in the forefront was meant to be the star.

What I did find were these night photos.  I wonder if I took the time to sit in the chair and enjoy it after lighting the candles.  (I am guessing not.)  However, this year I have white lights strung along the arch and I DO sit under that and it is delightful.  I highly recommend it.

Pretty in pink.  It never fails to lift my heart.  All other colors only exist as a complement or a contrast.  (It's the truth.)

The real surprise in my teensy-weensy front yard this past August was the China rose.  I do believe it has a name but I have forgotten it.  China is the variety (it's not a tea rose or a cabbage or heirloom or any of those things--it's a China rose) and I love how the petals fold up in a symmetrical way that makes me think of a Chinese puzzle box.  

It has been in a pot for all of its life (about five years) and has never bloomed so abundantly before this.  It was quite exciting.  In fact, I was so enchanted that I decided to give this climbing rose a spot in the real dirt.  It has been a rather dull summer for roses due to the drought but it will be interesting to compare these photos to what I see blooming this coming August.  (In other words, shall I be rewarded for giving it some dirt or not?)

This lantern was a new addition last summer, as well.  I pretty much adore it. 

Last is my Shabby Garden Corner with Irish Geranium Shelf.  It's gone now (not the Irish geranium--the blue bench) and it was fun to see this photo.  I really loved it but I decided that I needed the dirt for my First Prize pink rose bush that had been trying to make it in a pot.  I hope I won't be sorry.  But, hey--more roses is more roses.  One day the drought will be over and I will have roses coming out of my ears.  I can't think of a better fate.

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I'm so jealous of your fabulous little cozy places and your wonderful sense of style. I live in a tiny little cottage in Arizona where things die as soon as you consider putting them in the ground. Unless they're weeds. Those thrive quite well.

July 11, 2016 at 1:39 PM

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