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Julian, "Trev" Silvester, the Marquis of Trevelin, had everything a gentleman could want; good looks, a fortune, and plenty of charm. When a duel with a jealous duke leaves him disfigured, Trev is ostracized by those who once celebrated him. His life is forever changed, but Trev is still loyal to his friends. When one is accused of murder and another's diamond necklace is stolen, he does what he must to help them. As the two cases merge, Trev finds an ally who isn't put off by his scar and the scandal of the duel--Miss Desdemona Woodmansey. As their investigation into the murder reveals just how treacherous the mask of polite society can be, both Trev and Desdemona are put in grave danger. Trev has already lived through the disgrace of a scandal, but can he survive a killer who will do anything to protect a sinister secret? Be sure to read the first book in this captivating series about one man's journey to redemption, told through the eyes of the one whose absolution he longs for the most: his own. Buy HERE.

Praise for The Devil in Beauty on Amazon:
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 Excellent February 6, 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Wonderful murder mystery tied into the Recency world. Beautiful characters. Loved the hero.. did keep me guessing throughout.

What is the price one must pay to protect one's honor? Or that of another? It has been two years since the duel that changed Julian, Lord Trevelin's life. He is now happily betrothed to Miss Jane Leavitt, a wealthy debutante. Her influence has helped to restore his reputation among Society. Her father, however, has not allowed the connection to be made public. He disapproves of Trev's penchant for looking into unsavory matters such as pinched diamond necklaces and dead downstairs maids. He will allow the couple to set a date for their wedding when he is satisfied that Trev will look after his own reputation with the same care as does Jane. 
Meanwhile, Trev is taken with the rumors about Miss Hannah Andersen, a young lady newly arrived in London for the season. Her military father was said to have put a period to his existence in order to escape the consequences of fleeing a battle with his wife and child. She, however, insists his death was an accident. Trev can't resist attempting to set the man's reputation to rights. He is assisted by his ethereal friend, Willy, and the boot boy-cum-valet, Jack. When several more "accidents" occur, Trev's list of murder suspects grows. And then his cousin Evelyn threatens him with ruin if he does not release Jane to his clutches--only, this time, it will be her honor that shall be irrevocably tarnished. 
The Scandal in Honor is book two in The Lord Trevelin Mysteries. Be sure to also read the first book in this captivating Regency-era mystery series about one man's journey to redemption, told through the eyes of the one whose absolution he longs for the most: his own. Pre-order HERE

Praise for The Scandal in Honor via Goodreads. 

Five Stars!
I love Heidi Ashworth's ability to keep me guessing until the very end! Lord Trevelin is a great character--multifaceted, smart, empathic, and definitely heroic. And the supporting cast of characters have unique voices and make the plot all the more interesting. I experienced a wide range of emotions reading this book (laughed at Mrs. S., swooned at Trev's romance, and was so sad when his reputation was again demolished).  Ashworth writes regency era better than 9 in 10 authors out there. Her style is reminiscent of Georgette Heyer. If you are a fan of regency era books or mysteries, I highly recommend the Lord Trevelin Mysteries. 
Four Stars!
really liked Fou
Like the first book in this series, the greatness of this book hinges on the damaged character of Lord Trevelin. Heidi Ashworth knows how to plumb the depths of despair he feels from his social ostracism, to portray the flutterings of hope he feels in his relationship with Jane, and to create a man simultaneously strong and broken. Although the murder mystery element of the novel left some loose ends hanging and could have been more plausible, the story of Lord Trevelin marched along at a perfect pace, with the grandeur and unquenchable regret of a Greek tragedy.

A host of charming secondary characters complete the cast: Miss Andersen, a conniving debutante who is only too happy to draw on Trev’s account for all her dress bills; Jack, the bootboy-cum-valet who is as faithful as a hound dog; and Mrs. S., a white-haired, walking malapropism of a neighbor, who invades Trev’s house at the oddest times without invitation.
The Scandal in Honor leaves one a little sad, a little wistful, and certainly longing for the next book in Lord Trevelin’s adventures where, one can only hope, the evil cousin will get his comeuppance.
Book three in The Lord Trevelin Mysteries, The Murder in Mirth, coming soon!

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