Mary Had A Little Lamb  

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It was hard to decide on just which "Mary" song to use for her little bio. I thought "It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary" (sometimes it is, sometimes it's not--she's 13, after all) but she suggested Mary Had a Little Lamb even though she despises this song with a passion usually reserved for the photo on your driver's license. However, this picture of her with our dog Sugar made the song title appropriate since Sugar is Mary's little lamb. When Mary is at school, Sugar is tolerant and will even choose to hang out with me. When Mary is home everyone else can go to the devil. When Mary leaves at a time Sugar does not expect, she pouts. She mopes. She flops herself next to you on the sofa and heaves large sighs. But this is about Mary, not the dog. Mary is hanging over my shoulder intending to approve everything I write before I post it so I guess I will have to cut this short 9she doesn't know I managed to slip in the following photo). Let's just say that I have wanted my own little girl since I was a baby (that's what that whole baby doll thing is about), and now I have one. At least, most of the time. Sometimes (oops, I can feel the disapproval hot on my shoulder) she tends to shun all that is girlie such as pink, dresses, hair bows, the girl's department at the store, and purses. This is a greatly expurgated account due to afore-said protuberance on said shoulder.

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