Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers  

Posted by Heidi

This song (or nursery rhyme) has nothing to do with Peter, our youngest at age 6, except for his name and that he liked it. He saw that his sister was choosing (see below) so he wanted to have options like the teenagers in the house. The fact is, having one who is not a teenager is heaven! His tiny, little, (read "quiet") voice, his heftable physique, his still-enormous eyes, his easy smile and sunny disposition! Often we look at each other and ask, What would it be like around here without him? He is magic. He is fun, innocence and wonder. He is a miracle who survived three life-threatening traumas prior to his birth and three within 24 hours after his birth. We call him Peter the Grateful Heart because he is always so grateful and appreciative of everything. When he was 9 and 10 months old, we used to have a heck of a time getting him out of his car seat because he was so busy grabbing our hands (the ones busy attempting to undo the chronically impossible seat restraints) so he could kiss them in anticipatory gratitude of being let out of the car. I have to admit, it's a little rough being the oldest mom waiting outside the kindergarten classroom door (not to mention, being only 10 years younger than some of the grandma's waiting to get their grandchildren---lucky moms!) and already I am ready for bed long before he is, but he is worth it. One day he approached me with a problem about a friend in his class who wanted me to take the two of them somewhere. This is always a ticklish problem because I didn't know the friend's mom, she didn't know me, it was one of those things that was probably not going to happen (play dates aren't the forte of this aged mom--besides which, the five of us in our 1000 square foot cottage is more than enough--it is so crowded, even the dog has major skills--you should see her scuttle backwards in an effort to make way) so this was my solution. "Tell your friend that it just isn't going to happen because your mom is a mean old witch!" Then he said, "Mom, I can't say that--it would be a lie." Isn't that just the sweetest? This guy is going to make some woman a very wonderful husband. When his wife asks, "Do I look fat in these pants?" he will say, "Of course not!" When she says, "It seems like I have aged a lot lately," he will say, "Are you kidding? All the guys are wondering how I got such a young, hot wife." When she says, as he walks in the door home from work and the house is a mess and the kids are wailing, "Honey, I am so sorry, I just couldn't get to dinner tonight," he will say, whipping take-out from behind his back, "Don't worry, it's all taken care of!" Sigh . . . what a guy!

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