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I have finally figured out how to add a slideshow of my flowers to my blog. It isn't as great as I had hoped and I am considering going back in and making the pictures bigger but it will have to do for now. I am worn out from trying to work out all the mysteries of the html, etc. I love this pic of an antique chocolate box. Roses, chocolates, eye candy, antiques, a garden, so many of the things I love all in one place! As for my garden, I have a very small amount of actual dirt to plant in so I have to rely on pots and arches to extend my growing area. The white arch in the back (which I call the cloister as it is almost completely contained within the outer walls of my home with the exception of the back fence) is bare at the moment but a New Dawn climbing rose arrived in bare root form about two weeks ago and I am eagerly noting every new leaf since it was planted. I hope that I will get even a fourth of the potential 15 feet on this vigorous climber before fall.

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