For the Dog Lover, Sugar, Our Bichon Frise  

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My son Peter wanted to know why there were no pictures of Sugar, our bichon frise, on my blog. After all, Sugar is the baby of the family. So, here she is from when we adopted her at age 9 weeks through to May of 2008.

Sugar, the pretty pretty princess.

Sugar as a teddy bear--how does she do that?

Sugar having a bath after getting into a can of raviolis--hence the orange hair.

Sugar, same day, sleeping it off--the raviols, the bath, who knows?

Same dog, same kid, about six months later

Mary and her favorite out-of-species soul in the whole world. Sugar feels the same.

Someone put her in this blanket but she's not complaining.

Hitching a ride on Mary's back . . ..

Hitching a different kind of ride on Mary's back . . . .

Finding new places to nap and hang out in ultimate comfort. Of course.

Sleeping near humans is the way to go when it is cold outside.

Sugar, smiling. Need I say more?

Sugar, sitting like a human. Sort of.

Does it get any better than this? It's a dog's life . . .

Sugar thinks she is pretty special. I think the kids have spoiled her.

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