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Posted by Heidi

So, I went to Target today to buy a giftcard, the one featured in my contest that no-one but Roy Boy has entered. The fact that Roy Boy is my husband means that pretty much no-one has entered my contest. I suppose I should have mentioned that husband's are disqualified. Are you seeing this Roy? Anywho, I know why there are no other entries to my contest--everyone is out shopping today and boy was it ever crazy! Which is why you really should enter my contest to win this giftcard that was so hard come by. It is worth $15.00 and will pay, after tax, slightly more than half of the total bill when you run out and buy . . .

these shoes. Buy them for yourself, your wife, your daughter, your mother or your sister, I don't care, just get thee to a Target store and buy them! Why, you might ask? Because they are quite simply adorable, comfortable and very unique. I have been wearing the multi-colored ones for a while, now, and love them with a deep and abiding love, so I snapped up the black ones when I was out shopping today. What makes these shoes so special? They have a flat tip just like real ballet toe shoes which makes them the ultimate in ballerina flats. In addition, the multi-colored ones are made out of something similar to which real toe shoes are made out of and when you take them out of the box they smell just like real toe shoes. As I am a former toe-shoe-twirling ballet student, I adore this smell. It's a great smell, a truly desirable smell, even if you have never been near a toe shoe. If you can't find them in your store, they are available on Target's online store AND they are on sale!
Another reason to shop Target is that they carry the Simply Shabby Chic brand by Rachel Ashwell. She loves pink and white, just like moi, but was lucky enough to somehow turn this love into an international mega-buck business. We should all be so lucky.
In order to enter the contest, you have to have a gmail account. This is a free account which is needed to comment on most google blogs. Just go to and then enter "gmail account". The nice people at google will be happy to help you out.

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