The Weird Things I Do & Why I Do Them . . .#1  

Posted by Heidi

It has occured to me that I do some pretty weird things. I am not OCD exactly, we have enough of that at our house without me getting in on the act, but I do tend to have some persistent behaviors that I just can't seem to shake. For example, I . . .

Rotate my plates so the chips don’t show. Why I do it: I keep my dinner plates in a plate rack on the counter. Alas, most of these plates have chips in them. It isn’t because my children drop them. They know better than that. No, they chuck them into the sink, chipping the plate and whatever else might have previously been chucked in there by a previous chucker. Chuckee? Whatever. I love the plates—my parents had them shipped to me from England when they lived there, but I hate looking at those chips. Some of them are as big as buttons. So, I turn them in the rack so that the 1/3rd of the plate that is exposed is chipless. This is especially important for when my parents (who should stop reading at this point) come to visit as I wouldn’t want them to know that the plates are chipped after being advised to give the kids plastic. This advice came along with a gift of plastic plates from the same source as the ones pictured which I should have been insisting the kids use but have instead walked out of the house (the plates, not me) bearing gifts of food for Others (you know who you are) and, alas, never made their way back.
I also . . . .

Eat the little protuberance on the Lindt chocolate ball first, every time. Perhaps some of you do this, as well. Why I do it: I have no idea. Somehow, it just seems needful. As one would expect, a Lindt ball is round. However it has a little dimple on one side and a matching protuberance on the other which calls out to be noshed pronto. I also eat these scrumptious morsels in four bites in an attempt to make it into a little meal as opposed to the free-for-all approach of tossing it into my mouth and ending it all way too soon. The Lindt brand milk chocolate ball is a wonderful thing. I allow myself three a day which is a whopping 210 calories and about $1 out of my food budget, a high price to pay on both counts. What can I say, I just love them so.
As I write this, the pictures are in the spot where I want them and it all looks very nice. When I hit the publish post button, the pics go where they want. It saddens me. Meanwhile, there will be more posts with the same subject line . . . .

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4 wise, witty and wonderful comments

Heidi one of these days those chips will be very precious to you. I know it isn't today but you wait and see

May 2, 2008 at 4:05 PM

Heidi, what a fun blog! I will have to read it all the time. I can't believe you have a book coming out!! I'm so impressed, I'll be sure to read it right away. Yay! And I love May Day too. My mom is still doing May Day baskets (at least she was last year, I haven't asked about this year) and I love to do them too although I didn't get it done this year either.

May 2, 2008 at 6:17 PM

Heidi, Roxanne is right so don't worry about the plates. I think it is so cool that you have written a book, I can't wait to read it....can I get it before Nov?
Don't worry about how you eat chocolates, just so you eat them every day...YUMMY!!
I've thought a lot about you and your family since we visited last November, we had so much fun! Debbie

May 2, 2008 at 7:21 PM

How fun! I get to hear from Roxanne, Debbie and my niece Jessica all in one day! Blogging rocks! Thanks for all your comments. I will take your word for it that those chips will be precious but I sure gotta lot of 'em. And, Jessica, I am glad to hear that your mom does May Day baskets. She told me that it is always too snowy and cold on May Day. I guess she was just trying to make me feel better for not doing them. Debbie--no, the book isn't officially out until Christmas Eve (fun, huh?) but I will get my few copies sometime in November. It can be pre-ordered, though, in Nov. or maybe Oct. Thanks you guys! Love you! Heidi

May 2, 2008 at 8:57 PM

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