The Do's and Don'ts of Visiting--the following based on a True Story  

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We recently had an interesting experience at our house. So interesting in fact that I cannot divulge the names of the players in this little drama lest blood is spilt. Let’s just say that I learned a lot about how to plan a visit from out of town. Since the person who played the largest role in said drama made it pretty darn obvious he/she does not read my blog, I feel it only fair to satirize him/her her. Please keep in mind, this is all just in fun. At least, it'll be fun for me!

Let’s just say that you are someone who has recently moved many states away from a place of long term residency and are about to pay a visit to the family and friends you left behind. It can be difficult to get around to seeing everyone that is important to you—and then there are those pesky relatives that will expect a visit. How to deal with them? Never fear! Here are some important do’s and don’ts penned by one “who knows”. At least they are important if you plan to do a flying drive-by through, er, visit our little town ever again.

1. DO call at least a day prior to your planned visit. Better yet, call before you leave your home to let us know you will be in town and wish to visit with us so that our already planned activities can be rearranged and other important items taken care of. We want to make you feel important and that we are glad to see you, not make you feel like a last minute obligation.

2. DON’T call at 8 a.m on a Sunday morning and a holiday to boot, when perhaps people had long planned to sleep in, then ask, in their perfect state of grogginess, if they are available for a visit in a few hours time.

3. DO NOT tell the people you are asking to open their arms to you that you have already been in town for a whole day, that you will be here for four more but you only have one hour, that very day, to squeeze them in for a visit. This might leave them with the impression that they are merely an obligation, which really puts a damper on the enthusiasm level, if you know what I mean.

4. Most definitely DO NOT attempt to gain sympathy for your plight by explaining that so many friends and family have already scheduled meetings with you, which is why you need us so desperately to accomodate your schedule. On a holiday. When plans were in place, purchases made for said plans, etc. This might give the impression that all those other people had already heard from you and had already had a chance to make plans with you, yea, even before we were made aware that you were in town. (And, yes, I’m yelling. Too bad you can’t hear me. )

5. Once the meeting is scheduled, DO, and I can’t emphasize this enough, DO be on time.

6. DON’T (and again, I can’t emphasize this enough) try to gain our sympathy for your plight at being late by saying that the last person you were visiting just couldn’t stand to see you go, so you extended that visit by a few hours, making you late to our meeting. After rearranging the whole day. At the last minute. Just for you.

7. DO apologize profusely for being late.

8. DON’T expect people to say it’s okay. It’s not. Let me say that again. It’s NOT.

9. DO have the courtesy to at least ask what plans of ours might have had to be foregone in order to shoe-horn you in. Perhaps the people you landed in on had tickets to the opera or an audience with the Queen. Or maybe just a visit to other family members who consequently had to put off THEIR visit to the Queen in order to accommodate the very ones you are discommoding. (sheesh!)

10. Lastly, DO make a priority list of those you want to visit, in order of importance.

11. At the same time, DON”T make it woefully obvious where anyone falls on said list—particularly the ones on the bottom. They (the ones on the bottom) might take it, well, kinda hard. That is, if hovering under the covers in bed for the whole day is taking it “kinda hard” . . .

And, in future, DO read my blog. It will keep you safe from this kind of public humiliation in future. Oh, and DO send chocolate. Lotttsssssa, lotsa chocolate.

Love, Us

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2 wise, witty and wonderful comments

I love your blog, I keep visiting and now there is even a chocolate recipe!! On the dos and don'ts there are a few you could add like
1) Please do not bring alcohol to my home at 10:00 in the morning...we have small children and haven't even had breakfast yet because we have been up cleaning.
2) do not arrive after already sampling the punch...if you know what I mean
3) Please do not show your various tattoos especially at a child's party!!
4) Do not invite someone without telling the host first, like your new love interest, your nanny, your out of town friend that I have never met before.
5) Please do not comment on you don't like my food or refuse to eat something. We went out of our way to have you come to our home when you feel like coming I can't be martha stewart all the time...shesh
6) Do not let your children that are visiting break valuables and then not even say sorry or even try to help clean it up!

I could go on and on there are so so many I hope it brought a smile to your face :)Claire

June 23, 2008 at 2:04 PM

Claire, how lovely to have absolute proof that total strangers actually read my blog! I am thrilled! My family sort of have to and there are others I pay to read it. . .well, anyway, my rules were based on the sins committed during one actual visit so that is why I limited it to just those but yours are very important, if not more so--I have a little one, too, so the punch is definately not something I want part of anyone's visit to my house! Keep coming back--love to have you!

June 23, 2008 at 7:22 PM

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