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So, today I googled myself, something I do once in a while to find out what public info there might be out there about me. Again, a fairly narcissistic activity, but there you go. This is what I found . . .
Make a Dollhouse Tri-Mirror with Ribbon Frame by Artisan Heidi ...
Heidi Ashworth has been into minis for about 23 years. She comes from a family of 7 girls, who were all into dolls. Her mom had a very cute miniature - 22k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
The first thing that comes up (see above) is my online tutorial for CDHM (collectible doll house miniatures) which is an online group I belong to—sort of. I rarely participate these days but the moderator, a real sweetheart named Marlene, asked if I would do an online class and I said yes. I was really stressed about it, for any number of reasons, and the end result was so not good. It makes me sad (and cringe) that the tutorial with all my inane remarks and, worst of all, pictures of my completed project, is the first thing that comes up under my name when you google me.

The Reading Garden - Regency
*About the author: Heidi Ashworth lives in San Diego with her husband and children, a three year old girl and an eight year old boy with cerebral palsy. - 13k -
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The second item that comes up is an excerpt from a book I wrote four chapters of eleven years ago which I posted on a wonderful site called The Reading Garden. I have no idea if this is still an on-going thing, as in, real writers still posting new items, but I do know that I have not. Nor do I have any idea if the email link where it says “Email Heidi Ashworth here” works. Or how to access those emails if they do. No idea. Someone could have written me years ago wanting to read more, an editor, an agent, anyone, and I am clueless. Most likely, no one has emailed me and it doesn’t really matter. There, that’s thinking positive!

Heidi Ashworth: Married for 21 years (to the same guy!) with three kids ranging from 18 to 6, I find that I have a lot to say and many who will no longer - 91k -
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DUNHAVEN PLACE: Teenage Angst At Work--Overtime
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Next are one or two headlines from my blog. Today, I was pleased that the actual “blog” came up, the start page, for goodness sakes, as opposed to one of the items I have written in the past. That was a fun discovery.

Then things start getting mixed up with some other Heidi’s and some other Ashworth’s but, for those who are persistent, eventually an item comes up that says:

Disability Sessions at the 2006 Women's Conference LDS Ability
Those children who learn best through movement may find it difficult to absorb gospel principles taught in traditional settings. Heidi Ashworth - 13k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

A little background on this one is required. In 1999 I sold an article to the Ensign magazine about how to teach children with disabilities. It came out in, I believe, Feb. 2001. That was very fun and exciting and recently I learned that the article was one of those posted online when launched their disabilities section a few months ago. Today I learned that this same article was quoted during a class at the May 2006 Women’s Conference! Wow! That makes me feel like a supah-star! In my life, I have written a lot, pages and pages, most of which will never come to light and will be hastily thrown out by my children upon my death, or sooner, depending on how alzheimery I am and for how long. However, if I had to choose just one thing that I had written to be in the public domain it would not be the do’s and don’ts of visiting from out of town (see below—or don’t, whichever you prefer). No, it would be this little article I wrote about how to access the brain of a child with disabilities. I can’t even say how that makes me feel. So I won’t.

Custom Handmade Dollhouse Furniture
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For those who still give a hoot, the next thing that comes up that is the real Heidi Ashworth (at least, from my point of view) is my gallery of dollhouse miniatures on CDHM, the same CDHM mentioned earlier. I am much happier about this link than the tutorial one. (shudder). - Ensign Article - Random Sampler
Heidi Ashworth, “Hands-on Learners,” Ensign, Feb. 2001, 66 ... Heidi Ashworth, Clayton Valley Second Ward, Walnut Creek California Stake - 15k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Next (see above) comes the link of my Ensign article on the disabilities section on, also mentioned earlier.

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If you are really persistent and keep a-goin’, past many Heidi’s and many Ashworth’s, none of them me, (except for another Reading Garden listing, giving me a "one heart" rating for my offering, rather than the two hearts given others, but since they are mostly long-published authors, I won't feel too badly about that) past even Heidi Klum, (and the Ashworth pet hosptial that mentions someone's cats, Heidi, Holly and Willow--Hey, Mom, if we had been triplets, would you have named the third one Willow?) you will find me in a German online miniature magazine. Who knew?

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