Famous Author to Read Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind  

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If you haven't already, please take a moment to voice (silently) your opinion of the art work for the cover to my book, Miss Delacourt Speaks Her mind, on the poll to the right. Meanwhile, I have been corresponding with a favorite author of mine, a wonderful writer of witty regency romance, who has agreed to read my manuscript and provide a quote, or as people in the biz say, a "blurb". Blurbs can go on the dust jacket, (or printed on the back cover of a paperback) used in articles, etc. So, I am really excited about that! But mostly, this whole thing seems so totally unreal--I can't quite wrap my brain around it. If I were an aspiring writer with no publisher lined up, would I be able to get someone like B**** M**** to read my book? Doubtful. Get a publisher and doors open right up! It's kind of strange since it's the same me, the same book--but a magic wand has been waved. Mentally, I feel a bit like a deer caught in headlights. Stay tuned for more news on my book, on my trip to Nauvoo and my nephew's big day.

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