I'm In The Pink--a free TV will do that for a gal  

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I know I am supposed to be writing more about the Midwest and our near escape from a tornado but I couldn't bring myself to be light-hearted about the whole thing after reading about some tornado related deaths the other day. Besides, I am just so tired from helping my husband with the new TV. About three years ago, we bought a flat screen TV with some life insurance money we inherited. Last month, it just up and died. We called the TV repairman and he said that the part that needed replacing and the cost of the repair would be more than the TV was worth so it is basically totaled. Since we bought it at Costco, he got ahold of them and today we got rid of the dead TV and regained custody of our original purchase monies. We then used it to buy a better TV for a smaller price tag (prices have dropped in three years) plus some other goodies for my husband's father day gifts AND food, to boot--all for the original TV price.

But wait! There's more! I have been in contact with a local book store about setting up a book signing for Miss Delacourt which makes it hard to feel glum about anything. I am really in the pink today!!

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