Why I Never Again Want to Do What I Did Yesterday  

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Okay, so I am not purposefully putting off finishing my report on my trip to Nauvoo, posting pictures of my nephew’s wedding (the one I missed when I was sick) and any number of other subjects I want to address here. It’s just that things keep coming up that capture my imagination—besides, I can always write about the other things when a day comes that there is nothing to say. Believe me, there are plenty of those. Sadly, for you, it is not often enough . . .

So, what is the thing I did that I don’t want to do, ever again? Well, it starts like this: My husband is at that age when it is prudent to have a few tests done now and then. In addition, he has had this problem with getting his food to go down the way it should. So, his doctor felt that it would be a good idea to send a camera down his throat to see what was up. Or is it down? Anyway, that meant two procedures exploring two different areas, and, as I assured my daughter, with two different cameras. Even so, still an indignity, if you know what I mean.

Further indignities:

1. Watching as my husband suffered through 30 plus hours of starvation in preparation for the test.
2. Watching as my husband suffered through drinking a gallon of a foul tasting beverage needed to make clear the path of said cameras and to stave off any kind of tossing of ones tacos during the procedure.
3. Being woken repeatedly through the night as my husband availed himself of the facilities, or, as the more genteel say, went to see a man about a horse. Repeatedly.

Only, we still don’t have any horses. Hmmmmm . . .

4. Rushing around to be on time only to be held up by road work, twenty minutes idling with the air conditioning running in the early-morning-95-degree heat.
5. Being led along the street at about 7 mph by a truck with “watchdog” construction workers glaring at us from the back to make sure we didn’t take it into our heads to drive through the wet black stuff they had just used to fill numerous-- too numerous to count--pot-holes.
6. Getting to the hospital right on time just to find out that we should have arrived 15 minutes sooner but no one had told us.
7. Learning that our co-pay for the test was in the four digit range. “For a co-pay?!?!!” she cried with a perfect Lucy Ricardo whine and grimace.
8. Being told by my husband, over and over again in his post-procedure groggy state, how “wonderful the staff is here”. After the sixth or seventh time, it kind of makes a girl wonder. I mean, if he could talk so highly of people who stuck things into him (needles, probes, cameras) than I must be doing something wrong.
9. Being told at the pharmacy that the prescription the doctor called in fifteen minutes prior was still being processed but that they would call our name when it was filled—then finding out, twenty minutes later when I decided to be assertive and ask someone to get me my (his, whatever) meds anyway, that they were sitting right there for who knows how long.
10. The outside temperature on the ride home per our car thermostat—127 degrees. I kid you not.
11. The reception my little guy gave me when I got home 2.5 hours later than expected (note the gameboy still in play).

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