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In the flesh, Basil T. Stansworth, whose opinion is worth so very much

There is someone whose opinion is very important to me. So valuable, in fact, that I twisted his arm behind his back (figuratively, via email) and insisted he read my blog, every last bit of it. However, he wasn't able to say enough to convince me he had truly read each and every post--plus, there weren't enough hits on my counter to account for it if he did. Which he didn't. When I confronted him, this is what he had to say.

"I really don’t feel that I need to justify my opinion. It’s art, and as such is open to interpretation. Granted, I needed to wade through piles of slag to find the jewels, but jewels they were. I do not want to tell you which items I found to be genius for the following reason:
These brilliant bits are completely pure and if I pointed them out I am afraid your hyper-awareness would ruin them. They would, unconsciously, perhaps, be overworked and smithed and lose their beauty."

Basil T. Stansworth
I felt that this response was so well written that it persuaded me to let him off the figurative hook. What can I say, that's just the kind of gal I am.

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