Even Blog Posts Can Be Schizophrenic  

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Stop!! Wait! Don’t go away dear sir or madam. Yes, you! Perhaps you stumbled upon my blog unawares. Maybe my blog doesn’t have the content for which you were googling. Mayhap it isn’t quite what you were expecting. Perhaps you just wandered in because you thought I am something I'm not. Either way, please take a moment to read something. Might I suggest the log at right (and down some) that features favorite posts? Or you could start at the beginning (see the post archive) and read them in order. If you like what you read, please come back, I try to post something every day. And if you think it is worth mentioning, tell your friends! There now, that didn’t sound that desperate, did it?

What this post was supposed to be about:

Witticisms heard around the sugar bowl:

1. If my wife were sick with a terminal illness she would shoot me just to make sure I didn’t remarry.

2. The only way we can think of to effectively deal with our problem child is to simply stop feeding him.

3. Question: Have you lost weight since I saw you in Nauvoo? Answer: I weigh the same thing I did when I got on the plane---but less than I did when I got off of it.

There were more, many more very amusing remarks and if I didn't remember yours, please don't feel bad. It is all on account of my malfunctioning memory. Then again, after I typed these, they didn’t sound so funny after all. Maybe it's the absence of the sugar bowl that accounts for it.

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2 wise, witty and wonderful comments

you, my dear, are totally entertaining. I hope the hubby and children appreciate your true talent and capabilities.(alas true appreciation comes only when one is reminiscing in the glow of sometime farther down the road.) I love reading your blog and have directed many people to it for nothing more then true entertainment. Keep up the writing as it makes me smile.

July 7, 2008 at 3:39 PM

Roxanne, you're the best! Keep directing! A writer needs to be read--I mean NEEDS it!

July 7, 2008 at 6:01 PM

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