How to Eat Right Lose Weight & Still Feel Like Getting Out of Bed in the Morning  

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My flower bower, a little project I have been working on all week in between blogging and eating Frozen Snickers Bars . . .

ETSTED! Backwards, it spells DETSTE! Haven’t heard of it before? That’s because it isn’t a word, silly, it’s an acronym. Well, it could be a word in Swedish or Russian but I rather doubt it. At any rate, it stands for “eat the same thing every day”.

Here’s the rules:

Plan a daily menu that suits your needs. If you want to lose weight, figure out the caloric intake and choose a plan that gives you less than 2000 calories a day (the lesser the better). If you want to maintain your weight, 2000 calories should be fine but you might have to experiment as each body is unique. Make sure that your menu is balanced between carbs and proteins and that you choose a variety of foods rich in color, taste and nutrition. Then, toss in some must-haves, as long as the total caloric intake is the level you have chosen. Then, stick to the plan!

For example, every day, for breakfast I have oatmeal with milk and sugar. Every day for lunch (I need my biggest meal mid-day or I am too tired by dinner time to make dinner—kind of a problem since people generally like to eat about then) I have chicken stir-fry with carrots, broccoli, corn, peas and potatoes. Doesn’t it look delish?

It is! Quite delish . . .I wouldn't lie to you . ..

For dinner I have a turkey lunchmeat sandwich with cheese and alfalfa sprouts.

My snacks include apples, corn chips, chocolate ice cream and my favorite Lindt chocolate truffle balls. Yumm!

The key is all in the amount of each thing you eat. Also, it is important that you include things like spices, garlic, herbs and other items that make your food tasty and good.

One of my rosemary plants--eating rosemary every day is very good for you--it is simply delish in bread and rolls, salads, stir fry, meats, etc. . .

If things get a little too boring then you can do switch-outs. For example, you can eat a ton of strawberries for the same amount of calories as an apple.

Or you can have watermelon or grapes instead of ice cream.

Or you could have ice cream instead of fruit.

Or you could have chocolate lindt balls and ice cream instead of dinner.

Or four frozen snicker bars.

Or 6 frozen snicker bars instead of dinner and lunch.

Or, if you are having a particularly hairy day, or it’s hot and you just don’t feel like cooking, or it’s really hot and you don’t feel like doing much of anything at all OR it’s super hot and you are too busy writing dumb stuff for your blog that no one will ever read (well, except for those with whom you share genetic material and feel obligated sometimes, at least, on occasion, okay! only when I pay them! to read it) you could substitute your entire menu for two (count ‘em, two!) boxes of frozen snickers bars.

Hey! It’s one way to go.

And there you have it, my flawless plan to eating right (oops, better scratch that part), losing weight (could be iffy on the Snicker Bar Plan) and still feel like getting out of bed in the morning. Because, after all, one does have to get out of bed fairly regularly if one expects to be fit and trim. Especially on the frozen snicker bar plan. (No photo of frozen snicker bars available on account of the fact that I ate them and threw away the evidence before I thought of this post).

A great place to eat all that healthy, tasty food--as long as the bugs don't think so, too!--and it's not too hot, or not raining , or snowing or hailing or too smoky from the uncontrollable fires burning in the foothills . . .

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