If You Are Here to Visit the Tonner Fashion Show, Scroll Down and Look to the Right  

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I just spent the last eight (count 'em! eight!) hours producing a slide show of my guilty pleasure (fashion dolls--see example above) for my blog and a post to go along with it. The slideshow has finally (finally!) come to fruition with much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth. I know that y'all don't care about fashion dolls but I have a note in my eBay auctions (featuring--guess what?--fashion dolls) saying that the slideshow would be here. And here it must be! The post (which will poke fun at moi)will have to wait until tomorrow (poor Basil, he will be tied up in knots all night in anticipation) but I did have two erroneous posts (thank you photobucket--not!) which I have mostly been able to delete (thank you blogger and your little pencil/eraser icon). I'm starting to wonder if this blogging thing is really worth all the trouble. It's so much pressure, you know? But, if you don't want me to quit blogging, get thee to google.com and get a gmail account (it's free, it's easy, it's breezy) so you can post a comment saying "Heidi, don't go!" Thanks ever so . . .

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The dolls are beautiful. I have never heard of "fashion dolls" before, but it sounds like a fun hobby. I can't believe tiny some of the details are in some of those dresses. How do people do that??

July 19, 2008 at 6:05 AM

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