An Incomplete Life and How Paint Can Fix It  

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This is my hallway. It has been my hallway for two and a half years. Approximately a year after we moved in, I painted one section of the hallway green. Not the dirty yucky green as it appears in the picture (pssstt, on the right) but a nice hard-to-describe-kind-of-color green. (Actually, I think it is Martha Stewart tea leaf green but I bought it so long ago, who remembers?) It only took a few hours to tape, stir, paint and clean up but apparently it really pooped me out because I haven't done a thing more on this hallway since. Well, yes, of course I added my son's kindergarten project (the reindeer head) to his door and behold, it is still up! And, might I add, I had to photoshop out the dirt stains caused by dirty hands pummeling the door (shouldn't they be on the inside of the room? No maybe, that's the dirty feet prints) so clearly, I haven't even cleaned the door in some time (you're so grand, photoshop!).
Today was "the" day, the one in which my husband and I were going to get out the dusty old paint can and finish this hallway. I was really counting on it because this is summer vacation for The Spouse and I was looking forward to not having to do it myself. Look what happened last time I made that attempt. (I also have one painted half wall in my daughter's room to submit for further evidence should further evidence be required.) In fact, I was thrilled to death that he agreed to help me because The Spouse hates to paint. He doesn't know "how". (?!) So, guess who woke up with a pinched nerve in his right arm (read: painting arm) this morning? Things are looking pretty suspicious. So far he's staying out of my way and I am nursing my disappointment by obsessing over my blog statistics.
Give me something to obsess about! What are your undone projects? Leave a comment telling me about it. It won't hurt, I promise! And if it does, please leave a comment saying so. But if you don't want to comment, that's okay, too, my husband and kids are used to seeing me cry. They don't even ask why anymore . . .

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I prefer to think of it as an 'Unfinished' life. It makes it seem so possible (if not probable). I have scrapbooks of my kids (4) that I vowed to finish, 10 years ago. Now that they are married I have given that assignment to their spouses. I also have a total and complete room that my hubby started at least a year ago and we are still waiting for the plastic that he put in the doorway to keep out sawdust to come down. Oh well I have lived without that room this long what is a few more months. It just makes 1 less room I have to clean. I make myself feel better by imagining how awesome those scrapbooks will look when finished and how much I will enjoy my beautiful new dining room. In my imagination they are not only completed but fabulously completed.

July 29, 2008 at 7:12 PM

I have one project that I know will never get done -- the girls' scrapbooks! YIKES. I should have never started.

July 29, 2008 at 7:37 PM

I hate having things unfinished. I guess I have a few things that aren't exactly unfinished, but definitely ongoing. Laundry, cooking, chores....We just painted a dresser for our bedroom (when I say "we" I mean Nathan - he doesn't want me to paint anything because he thinks he can do a better job. He used to work as a painter, so I guess he can say that). But on the dresser he forgot to paint the hinges so he'll do it tomorrow or something. Who knows? I have stars hanging on my wall (the metal kind) that are uneven that have been that way for a year that I want Nathan to fix. And an end table I want to get rid of that is still in the corner. You know how all the little (and big) things add up!

August 4, 2008 at 8:17 PM

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