My New Author Website is All About Regency England  

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So, I have a new website. As if this one isn't enough. I can hear your questions now. What's wrong with you Heidi? Don't you think this is all a bit much? Do you think perhaps you are sharing just a little more than needful? Does anyone really want to know all there is to know about Heidi Ashworth? I have to say, I feel your pain. After spending hours and hours (and hours--I'm a slow learner) constructing my website, even I am more than a little sick of me. It's just that I needed something a tad more professional, a little more sophisticated, a little less potty talk and a little less Tom, if you know what I mean, for my readers. But hey, Heidi, won't your book readers be pretty much this same crowd? Or even less? I mean, really, do you think you can fool us, Heidi, into thinking you're something you're not? (I.E. someone who talks about something other than barfing and toilets and sitemeter readings? ) So, check it out if you want to, don't if you find you are already on Heidi Ashworth overload. You can always check it out when you have recovered. Or not.

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