Seriously Obsessed Syndrome, It's An Illness, and a Contagious One . . .  

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(so you might want to take a step back from your screen) (Or not.)

Some people are Seriously So Blessed. I am Seriously Obsessed. There’s a difference and it's a serious one. SOS, (Seriously Obsessed Syndrome) implies a prolonged and constant state of obsession, and I’ve got it, had it, ever since I was very young.

Following is a list of things/people/etc. with which I have been obsessed. Just to be clear, if it made the list, that means I thought about it fairly constantly (and obsessively) for no less than but not limited to one whole week (constant!) and it has had staying power (initial intense obsession might wane but high interest remains),plus it has one or more of the following factors: I have researched it, I have read it/listened to it/watched it (or him/her) over and over and over, have spent money on it, it has spurred a collection, or (and here’s one that’s sure to be a high predictor), I have done repeated eBay searches on it.

Though my husband, children, boyfriends, (including some of my sister’s boyfriends), have been the subject of major obsessions, I have left all “private” citizens off of my list and have only included those who “belong to the people”.

Last note, being on this list doesn’t make it my very most favorite—I don’t know why I obsess over some things and not others. However, if it is on this list, it most certainly is among my favorites. At the same time, there are bound to be some things I have obsessed over that just haven’t come to mind today. (BTW, my current obsession is this blog!)

(Sorry, no pics, but we would have both been here forever!)

Actors/actresses: Adrian Paul, Barbara Eden, David Cassidy (I was young), Gerard Butler, Jane Seymour, John Travolta (1st time I saw him I knew he would be a Stah!),Johnny Depp, Kevin Kline, Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan, Rex Smith, Richard Chamberlien, Robert Conrad, TomWelling (repeat three times: I am married, I am married, I am married!) William Shatner (he was darn cute when he was young)

Authors (not just their books, they, as people): Anne Perry, Diana Gabaldon, Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, Stephen King, William Shakespeare

Books: Any and all books about Arthur (read ‘em all!), Anne Perry collective works, Barbara Metzger collective works, The Earthsea trilogy by Ursula K LeGuin, Georgette Heyer collective works, Joan Smith collective works, Les Miserables, Little Women (read 7 X by age 12), Lord of the Rings, (the series), Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind (ha!), Nancy Springer collective works, Outlander (the series), Patricia McKillip collective works, Norah Lofts collective works, Sunshine by Robin McKinley, Genres: historical fiction (NOT bodice rippers!), regency romance, fantasy and books that are set in Britian’s past

Celebrities: Dancers: Anna Pavolova, Baryishnikov, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Robert La Fosse, Rudolph Nureyev, Bloggers: The Pioneer Woman, British Monarchs in general but particularly Elizabeth I, Henry the 8th (and wives) and Diana, Princess of Wales, other historical figures: Abraham Lincoln, Llewelyn, Thomas Jefferson, William Wallace, Singers: Dan Fogelberg, Davy Jones, Davis Gaines, Jewel, John Gary, Richard Marx, Misc: Torvil and Dean (ice skaters)

Characters in legend, story or film: Arthur, Beth (LW), Buffy, Cinderella, Cu Chulainn (Irish), Deirdre (Irish) Guinevere, Jamie Frasier (did I ever have it bad for him! If you take the entire collective obsession with Edward from all over the world, that about describes my attitude about HIM), Jeeves and Wooster, Lancelot, Laurie (from LW), Merlin, Spike (my favorite vampire—sorry Edward),

China types (or glass or pottery): types: Beelleck, chintz ware, Limoges, staffordshire, transferware, depression glass, Patterns: Virginia Rose, Old Country Roses Casual Plaid, Vista, Shapes: teapots, cups & saucers, plates, general: anything with roses on it, cupids, white pottery,

Clothes: floral dresses, shoes, stripes

Décor (with subtypes): antique tree ornaments (especially pink ones), Bethany Lowe Holiday décor, candy (in jars—it’s pretty!) carved wood, faux food, Fabric: Barkcloth, lace, toile, Matelasse, gesso frames, ivy topiaries, pink (the color), plaid, santas, stained glass windows, tartan ware, vintage linens

Dolls by maker or type: antique china head dolls, composition baby dolls, Jerri dolls, Madame Alexander, Nicol Sayre dolls, polymer clay one of a kind dolls, Suzanne Gibson, Tonner dolls

Flowers: just in general but especially impatiens, tulips, roses

Food: chocolate, chocolate ice cream (slightly melty), Ding Dongs, frozen Snickers bars, Lindt chocolate truffle balls, garlic bread, gnocchi in pesto sauce, Hostess chocolate cupcakes, Reeses and Three Musketeers bars

History or other areas of intellectual study: Anglophobia: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Baldwin family history, Celtic, Greek, Roman, mythologies, dream language, language of flowers, French, Geneology, Homeopathy (could have passed a test—lived, ate and breathed it for six months), poetry, Regency England, Victoriana

Hobbies: ballet, dollhouse/miniatures, eBay, food storage, gardening, guitar, reading, scrapbooking, violin, writing

Holidays: Just in general but especially Christmas and Halloween

Movies: Amadeus, Brigadoon, Finian’s Rainbow, Some Kind of Wonderful, Somewhere in Time, Star Wars (just the original three), The Princess Bride, The Scarlett Pimpernel (Jane Seymour version), Oklahoma, Pirates of Penzance (Kevin Kline version).

Plays: Camelot, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera (a few days after seeing this with Davis Gaines in SF, I agreed to change every one of the baby’s diapers until toilet trained in exchange for tickets to see it again)

Television: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Highlander, HNR Puff n Stuff, I Dream of Jeannie, Jeeves and Wooster, Smallville, Star Trek, Wild Wild West

Songs (or albums): Against the Tide (davis gaines), Annachie Gordon (Loreena McKennit), Ave Maria (Shubert version!) Anything But Ordinary (and entire Avril Lavigne Let Go album), Barrage, the album, Bonny Portmore (song), Braveheart (soundtrack), Cats soundtrack, Greensleeves, Celtic Christmas III (a Windham Hill Sampler, I and II weren’t as good), Danny Boy, Finian’s Rainbow soundtrack, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Jennifer Warnes version from Traditions of Christmas) Hands, by Jewel, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach), The Highwayman (Loreena McKennit) I Want You to Want Me (Cheap Trick), Let Her In (by John Travolta), Les Miserables soundtrack, Mountain Spring (Barrage), Oklahoma soundtrack, Over the Sea to Skye (Scottish folk song), Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, Pirates of Penzance soundtrack, Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto no. 2 in C minor, The Piano (soundtrack), Peer Gynt by Grieg, The Romantics Windham Hill Sampler, Shepherd Moons, the album (Enya) Smaointe (Enya), The Slipper and the Rose (soundtrack) Soodlum’s Irish Ballads II (all of ‘em—Irish Soodlum’s Ballads I wasn’t so great), Yentyl soundtrack

So, what are some of your obsessions? Are any of them the same as mine?

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Hi Heidi,
My biggest obsession is my 8 grandchildren. I adore them.
Next in line, anything English or Irish.
Anything Victorian. (I was born in the wrong era.)
Anything having to do with the fine "art of taking tea."
Anything having to do with Tasha Tudor (recently deceased at the ripe old age of 92)Dolls, doll houses, legos, (grandsons) gardening, reading, fresh flowers in the house, fine china and my husband, (not necessarily in this order.)
A question for you Heidi. Where did you get your dollhouse furniture? And who made your blog site? It's lovely.
Have a blessed day.
Miss Lila in Atlanta

August 30, 2008 at 9:17 PM

Lila, if I had grandchildren, I am sure they would be it for me too. :D After reading your list, I would have to say we are very much alike. My Irish obsession started one morning when I was about 21. I woke up having had a dream about a book I had read in grade school. It was about Deirdre, Naoise, and his brothers and I went to my old school that day to try to find the book--no luck. To this day I have never found the exact version of the legend I had read first but 20 some year later, I'm still looking. Meanwhile, the more I read, the more I want to know. My Scottish obsession has been just as bad, however. My Victorian obsession started shortly after my English one--which started as a senior in high school in my Brit Lit class. I have to go along with all of your others, except for Tasha, whom I admire but have never felt an obsession for. There is a lovely article about her in the December 2007 issue of the newly reissued Victoria magazine. Oh, and Lego's, my sons love them, even the 18 yr old, but I just don't have the patience!) My blog design--Tristan Chabot of My Daisy Baby Blog Designs did it--she is very talented. It's nice to find someone who likes it as well as I do. I buy my dollhouse furniture in box lots of vintage pieces, usually on eBay, but if I am hunting for a certain piece, I often buy new. I buy all of it online, either online miniature stores or eBay auctions/stores. There are no minis around where I live so all my minis come in the mail. Then I do the painting and embellishing. I do make some things out of clay. I have been asked to submit photos and an interview for a miniature magazine featuring my "work" which I am excited about but I have to say, there are many others out there who are far (far!) more talented miniaturists than I. Do you have a blog, Lila?

August 30, 2008 at 10:08 PM

I obsess too. Generally in the "I must know" way. Secrets or discretion of any kind will set me on a quest. I get obsessed about genealogy from time to time.

I also went a bit mad over the Yentl soundtrack, Regency England in general, regency romances, Georgette Heyer,
Jane Seymour, Pierce Brosnan, The Pioneer Woman, and Jo (from LW). There are probably more matches, but I need to get the monkeys ready for church.

(Oddly enough the kids are watching Shrek and "Hallelujah" just was playing. Thought of you. :)

August 31, 2008 at 10:45 AM

Jami, I am honored. :D We, on the other hand, are downed with a stomach bug after just four days of school and will be missing church. I can't stand it.

August 31, 2008 at 11:50 AM

SO sorry. Hope you are feeling better.

September 1, 2008 at 5:47 PM

Jami, you are so totally sweet. Turns out it was just something we ate. I can cure that, I just won't cook or bake ever again. Problem solved. :D

September 2, 2008 at 4:59 PM

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