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. . . Tressa!  Yay!  Thanks for the entries and for helping me spread the word about my books!  Speaking of which . . .

. . . I just got word that the anthology containing my latest will be available sooner than expected.  It will be out for Kindle, Nook and Smashwords by October 1st!  I am very excited to have my work published in a collection with so many award winning writers.  I will be posting a link as soon as it's up!

Lastly, here are some snippets of reviews for both Miss D books that I recently ran across . . . (I have a thing for ellipses, don't I?) . . .

In MISS DELACOURT SPEAKS HER MIND, Ginny shares her opinions plainly and frankly-- much to Sir Anthony’s dismay. These two resilient characters are truly worthy opponents, and they play off each other’s wit. The sparks fly and tension flares as their self-assured egos match up. Heidi Ashworth’s dexterous skills as a writer are clearly illustrated in the dialogue. Ginny and Sir Anthony’s exchanges will leave readers laughing as they race to turn the pages. Lucinda and her boorish mother add excitement to the plot. Readers won’t be able to contain themselves as they wait to see what outrageous stunt they will pull next. Mr. Barrington and Lucinda’s would-be fiancé, Lord Avery, as their hen-witted counterparts, are humorous contrasts to Sir Anthony and Ginny.

Although the author does not specify the time period, readers will get a sense of Regency London. The settings are beautifully described so that it is easy to picture the misadventures of Ginny and Sir Anthony. Heidi Ashworth is a talented author, and her books will always have a place on my bookshelf. I highly recommend MISS DELACOURT SPEAKS HER MIND for historical romance fans.

MISS DELACOURT HAS HER DAY is truly an old-style Regency romance with all the things we enjoyed about them years ago.  This story is the sequel to MISS DELACOURT SPEAKS HER MIND (December 2008) and takes up after Anthony and Ginny have met and fallen in love. 

Heidi Ashworth has written the old-style Regency romance of the variety that I haven’t read since my old Georgette Heyer stories.  Being correct in society is everything, and there are always people looking to start trouble.  Ms. Ashworth has given us a distinctively Regency book but without the glaring differences between modern day and old England.  Take a journey back to early English life and once again revel in a true historical romance--you'll love it.

P.S. Selling books has all become about word of mouth and social media.  You can help get my books to where they will be noticed, all by checking a little box!  See the Amazon screen shot below?  It's near the bottom of Miss D's book page.  If you click on "See all 20 tags" you can then click next to each and every tag (Heidi Ashworth being the first one) which will give my book a greater potential to end up on an Amazon top 100 list.  If you just have time to click a few, Clean Romance and Traditional Regency are the two that will help the most.  Just follow this link and scroll down a bit to get to the tag section.  Thanks so much!

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Congrats Tressa! And Heidi, congrats on your anthology coming out in October! Woohoo!

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