Belfast Ireland The Titanic Museum and Queen's College  

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Lunch in Ireland was very often ice cream or gelato.  I am not certain that it really is better in Ireland than in the U.S., but it tasted better at the time.  There was always a grand selection.  This particular eatery was an American style burger joint and I confess to feeling quite ready for that on our second to last day away from home.

This plaque was found outside of Belfast City Hall.  I love all of the symbolism, particularly the child with one arm wrapped around his mother's neck and the other wrapped around a ship.  Shipping, of course, is very important to the economy of Belfast.

 Here is the child, again, with the boat.  So cute.  I am guessing that whatever the other child held is long gone.

A beautiful building in Belfast that houses a theater.  I would go see just about anything in that.

Queen's College in Belfast.  I would give my eye teeth for that truck to have been gone when we were there. 

It has been eight months since I was here.  I probably forgot the significance of this statue and plaque at least two months ago.  I should have blogged all of these pics much sooner:  lesson learned.

On the grounds of Queen's College. 
This is not my photo.  I can't say why I didn't take a photo of the Titanic Museum in Belfast but this will do.  The building is designed to look like a ship.  The inside is enormous and impressive.  Take note of the wedge of windows.

This is the view out those windows.  Even Ireland's shipping ports are beautiful.

The Titanic Museum was full of many kinds of interactive activities, including a "dark ride" of the kind you would experience in Disneyland.  The above photo shows an example of maid's quarters.

This reproduction of a large state room on the Titanic was beautiful.  I have never been on a cruise but if I could have a room like this, I might even move in.

This representation of the Titanic as it was found decades after it sunk is in under the floor.

We headed back to the Republic of Ireland and Dublin after only one night in Northern Ireland.  Since NI uses pounds, not euros, I suppose it was a good idea.  (The exchange rate for pounds is quite a bit higher than euros.)  After checking in we headed out on our own to find dinner.  I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this--I had a good friend in high school whom we fondly referred to as Mary Mac.  After all, it was her name (just not all of it).

I guess I figured I didn't have enough photos of doors.  This neighborhood was exquisite.  It made me think of the movie, Mary Poppins.  Lots of leafy, green trees and handsome homes.

I would love love love to come home to this pink house every day.

The white trim is like icing on a cake--yum!

I would love this little balcony, too--shabby and chippy is a style that I love, as well.

A photo shop water color version of this set of doors---so gracious--just like Ireland.  Go to and scroll down for my other Ireland posts.

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I took pics of so many doors. I love door pics. Too bad most are on my lost sim card. I wanted a blue door for another book I have in the wings. Hopefully my sis has it on her camera.

July 11, 2016 at 1:47 PM

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