In Which My Big Guy Makes His Dream Come True  

Posted by Heidi

My Big Guy wrote a book.  I helped with editing (most authors need help with that) but the ideas, vocabulary and most of the sentence structures are all his.  It was a lot of work.  Not as much work as writing a 70,000 word novel, of course.  However, I was a little bit amazed at how similar his journey was to mine, from the stand point of how an idea starts out as a story and becomes something you can hold in your hand. 

His copy came in the mail yesterday.  I was gone when it happened and came home to find a cardboard box that looked like it was opened by a set of Big Guy teeth.  And there's the irony; he doesn't have the dexterity to open a sealed box or cut it open with scissors--but he can get one open with his teeth.  That's just something I could never hope to accomplish.   

I can hope to love as unconditionally as he does.

With Vanilla, the cutest ever cockapoo.  She sleeps next to his bed each night and wakes him up every morning with a lick on his hand.

He is sometimes hopelessly clueless but I like to think of it as naively optimistic.

He appreciates the little things.  And he has a keen sense of humor.

His book is short--it has lots of pictures and its few words are displayed in large print--and it is a far cry from "greatness"  It will never win an award or even be read by many.  However, if you want to be inspired by someone who accomplished something in spite of how greatly the odds were stacked against him (school was such a disaster for him that he still insists that he can't read, even though he most certainly CAN) this one makes a good bedtime read for the kiddos. 

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