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There's something I need to say:  I am fairly certain that roses are God's gift to me, personally.  The rest of you get to benefit, it's true, but they ARE because of me.  I am sure other things exist because of *you* but the roses are all mine. 
 Wouldn't this arrangement be perfect for a wedding?  I have a daughter who shall, one day, get married and she will ask me to do the flowers.  (Except that I didn't ask my mom to do mine--I didn't want to stress her out--honest--so Karma will probably come around to bite me on that one.) 

I have so very many photos of my flowers in this particular spot.  That would be because, right to the left is my computer screen.  At the computer is where I spend a lot of time writing books and posting pics and I like to have 'em where I can smell 'em (the roses, not the books or photos, though books DO smell quite lovely).

I take a lot of flower photos from this spot, too.  It's to the left of my computer screen . . . (see above).

So beautiful they almost don't look real.

Then come the chairs.  Goodness, so many of them!  Do I actually live with a bunch of chairs endowed with pitchers of flowers?  Sometimes.  (But not very often.) (Still, it makes for a pretty picture.)

This sunset was made for me, too--all pink and lavender.  I would like to order another, please.

Let's step into the garden where red, white and blue décor has taken over just a bit (only, not in this photo).

This spot under the New Dawn arch is heavenly.  It is shady and the slight breeze carries the scent of roses and jasmine.  It is also very festive and Patriotic at the moment.

 The view from the chair.

Those red cup party lights are becoming quite the thing.  I bought some "shot glass" size red cups at the 99 cent store (12 for 99 cents!), punched a hole in the bottom of each and slipped them over my existing string of white lights.  It is so darling that I am going to repeat the look come Christmas.

Happy Fourth of July to you and you and you!

I have started to become fascinated with how the light shines through lace.  I love light of all kinds.  It's the enemy of ignorance, depression, and outer darkness.

Remember when I used to blog using more than a dozen or so words?  All of that energy goes into writing my books but I love being able to stay connected with my photo essays. 

This is the view from the chair under the arch.  I hate it.  I am working on a way to make it all things delightful.  I welcome suggestions, particularly when it comes to the horrid AC box.  Thank you.

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I love lace too! I notice that so many Irish homes have lace sheers. I looked all over Ireland and never found a pair. Someday. They'll match my bazillion doilies...;o)

July 11, 2016 at 1:34 PM

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