Odd Things I Do and Why I Do Them #2  

Posted by Heidi

Abraham Darby roses by David Austin
I drive slow. Really really slow. Why I do this: I hyperventilate if the miles per gallon of my little minivan falls below 13.5. I wish I could say that I hyperventilate if my mpg falls below 16.5 but I can’t—it never even gets that close unless we take a trip on the freeway. By driving slowly I realize that I am annoying fellow drivers but it has actually become a fun game for me, (raising my mpg, not annoying others) even a reason to get up in the morning (the desperate must grasp at straws). Besides which gas = money! After doing the very complicated math, I figure driving slowly saves me about $10 per year. So, it isn’t a whole lot of dough, but should the price of gas go up (who am I kidding? Make that when) my savings will go up and up, maybe even to $15 per year! Ka-ching!! Who’da thought that the soaring price of gas could be something to look forward to? Or, should I say “to which I look forward”? (See quote of the day)

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