Charity Auction for Nie-Nie today on eBay  

Posted by Heidi

This is supposed to be a humor blog (an iffy proposition most days, I know) but today I am posting about Stephanie and Christian who were in a terrible plane crash in Arizona nearly two weeks ago. Many bloggers are having auctions to raise funds for their treatment. One of her sisters writes the awesome blog c jane run at Another sister is auctioning off Maroon 5 stuff--cause Jimmy from M5 is their brother. (Who knew?)

I will be doing my auctions differently than the rest of the bloggers who are holding silent auctions for one item each. However, ever the rebel, I will be having a number of items go up for auction on eBay later on this afternoon. 20% of the sales price of each item will be donated to Stephanie and Christian. Read C Jane's blog for lots of more info. I will be posting pics of the items going up for auction as an update to this post later on today (when I get them all processed--me and that new program again!) and a link to my eBay auctions. Also, be sure to go to to find a listing of all the bloggers who are participating in this auction which starts today.

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