Charity Auction For Stephanie and Christian Today on eBay  

Posted by Heidi

Today I am posting about Stephanie and Christian who were in a terrible plane crash in Arizona nearly two weeks ago. Many bloggers are having auctions to raise funds for their treatment. See a full listing of silent auctions running on blogs everywhere today at
Read more about Stephanie and Christian on her sister's blog

I will be doing my auctions differently than the rest of the bloggers. I will be listing the six items pictured in this post on eBay, 20% of the total sale price will go to Stephanie and Christian. I realize that this might make the bidding stiffer but it will also bring a whole new community of people into the bids--the more bids, the more money raised for C&S treatment! The winner of each auction will pay for the item and shipping to me as per the usual eBay way. I will then forward 20% of the proceeds (if something sells for $10, I will give $1, if it sells for $100, I will give $10, etc.) to the fund for S&C. If you are concerned about my honesty, please see my eBay feedback (it's the number after my eBay user name "dunhavenplace") at

If you click on it and it says 0 auctions--that's because they aren't running yet--they will be up later this afternoon or evening. See pics below of items. The pic above is of a medium sized framed print of peach roses by Sonie Ames, a famous Utah china painter.

This picture and the one below picture five depression era goblets in the Thistle pattern made by Tiffin between 1920 and 1934. One has a tiny chip in the rim. Just so you know . . .

This is a huge calendear from 1991 with 12 gorgeous oversized photographs of amazing antique dolls, french bebes, and so much more! If you are a doll lover, this is for you!

This is an oversized book print from East of the Sun and West of the Moon. The illustration is by Kay Nielsen copyright 1913 but I don't know what edition this actual print is from. It came to me already frame. I know the edges look bowed but that is because of my faulty camera.

This is a full set, first edition, of Winston Churchills series on World War II. Neat. I have never seen my husband read so fast as he did these.

This vintage book shows wonderful photographs of home decor design by Colfax and Fowler, a famous British interior design company. Some of them are photos of the homes of royalty and the peerage.

Please be sure to post any questions you might have here OR email me through the eBay system (there is a link in every auction). Thank you and good luck to all those holding auctions today!

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