Methinks She Doth Protest Too Much  

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The Spouse doesn’t come up too much on my blog. Oh, he is mentioned but more as an accessory to the fact (or the crime, same diff) rather than the speciale de jour. There is a reason for this. Celebrities.

I kid you not, celebrities are the reason I hesitate to write a post about how incredibly great and awesome our relationship is after all these years (I think it’s 22 but I always have to ask him to know for sure because he remembers—can you believe? I know! Totally weird. But hot) because exactly five minutes after a celebrity talks about her smokin’ hot relationship, it’s over. OVER!

Not that I think my relationship could possibly be over anytime soon, (but apparently, neither did they) especially not five minutes after I speak to my publicist about how “going strong” we are, that is, if I had a publicist which I don’t because I hear they like to be paid. And with what? Exactly. My sister has volunteered, but not in any official voluntary capacity, i.e. she wants to get paid. Again, I ask, in what? Rose petals? (Or episodes of Ghost Whisperer and House on Netflix? Because, if that were the case, I could totally deliver. We are enjoying an embarrassment of riches in the Netflix department today. It actually makes me consider giving up sleep to get through the windfall.)

True, I am not a celebrity, nor do I wish to be. Losing ones love through the media is precisely why. Remember the interview with Christie Brinkley in some magazine about a year or so ago? She talked about how great things were going in this, her 4th marriage, and how she finally chose a guy who treated her right. She had to have been on the other line with her divorce lawyer as she spoke, so fast was her split once that issue came out.

Then there was the celebrity who wrote a book about true love and how to have a strong marriage and how great her life was with her husband. I don’t remember who it was but I do remember that she was divorced about five minutes (yes, five minutes!) after the book hit the bookstores. It’s almost like bragging about your guy will get you divorced. Yah—spooky.
And then there are the gals who know better than to tempt fate. They hedge a bit, they hem and haw, but by making their success public, they are doomed to divorce. Marie Osmond, who did a lot of hedging, hemming and hawing (“things have been bad but we are going to make it work!”) in her book Behind The Smile, is the celeb who comes to mind in that instance.

Or course, this ironic twist of fate smack dab in the face of the public eye (uummm, tho, I think it’s the face that has the eye, not the other way around) isn’t limited to husbands, no sirree-bob! I have just two words: Sarah Palin. And on that note, I think I will go have a knock-down drag-out fight with that horrible man who has ruined my life. (ooohhh, smokin’!)

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Wow , I really have enjoyed reading your blog. I was looking for other moms of CP children, and stumbled across your blog. I have deemed you completely award worthy, so click my link, and pick it up at your liesure. The instructions are in the award post. Congratulations!

September 10, 2008 at 9:50 AM

Wow! How cool! My very first blog award! Thank you so much!

September 10, 2008 at 10:22 AM

What a great blog, and i love your music choice. I stumbled upon it by accident.....take care
Pat from New Jersey

September 10, 2008 at 1:28 PM

Thanks Pat! I love your Christmas tree!

September 10, 2008 at 2:09 PM

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