Lions and Tigers and Kids--Oh My!  

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They say Jane Austen wrote her masterpieces whilst seated in the family parlor surrounded by witty banter (one can only assume the banter was witty--it's hard to imagine Jane to be the only one in the family possessed of such cleverness).  I, on the other hand, write roughly one foot away from the family flat-screen T.V. and, unless the program is of British origin (not likely since I'm the BBC fan at my house) there is little to no wit to be found amongst the abundant banter.  (Sadly, just one of many differences between myself and Jane.)

The truth is, I have written all of my books and novellas one Tuesday at a time, preferably when everyone was out of the house.  It was blogging that taught me the skill of writing amidst chaos.  I started out a very eager bloggist, one who, in the beginning, felt compelled to post every. single. day. regardless of whether or not I had anything to say worth reading.  This meant I needed to write when inspiration (true or otherwise) struck, regardless of the time of day, whether or not the TV was on or the kids were whining for their dinner.  And yet . . . 

Today is the middle of spring break and despite my stern admonitions that "today is my novel writing day" (or, more likely, because of it--something about that announcement tends to make me irresistible) both of my boys are sitting directly behind my chair playing Wii, the dogs are as close to them as can be (something about their body odor makes them irresistible to dogs) and I can barely hear the tunes of my book-writing playlist above the roar.  Five hours of attempting to write have yielded about 100 words, a mere fraction of what I should have pumped out in that amount of time.  So much for my mid-March deadline. (What did you say?  We're already in April?!)

Here I am, blogging, rather than book-writing, and the reason is simple:  I am feeling particularly grateful today that this decades-long writer (I started when I was 7 which could make me a mere 27 but, alas, the decades are soooooo many) has finally reached a point where she can call herself A Professional Writer, the kind that gets paid for what she writes and is actually making a bit of money doing so and who is incredibly grateful for those of you who have supported me, encouraged me and spread the word.  I have no doubt that you, my blog-readers-become-friends, are the reason that I can sit here (yes, I sit when I write--I highly recommend it) and do one of the few things I would pay to do but am lucky enough to be paid to do.  

There really aren't the words to convey gratitude for the giving of one's-self, as many of you have over the years, so I will just say "thank you" and "I couldn't have done it without you" and "I have so little to give in exchange except for my first-born child" and leave it at that.  (Unless there are takers for the first-born, in which case, we have much to discuss.)  

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How lovely to "see" you today! I'm so glad you're writing (and 100 words is progress, baby!) and glad to see you posting here. Just your name lightens my heart. :D <3

April 2, 2013 at 3:55 PM

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